hi, it's been a while

11:53:00 AM

Hello everyone! Remember me? I can't even remember when I actually sat down and typed for this blog. It's been a hot minute and again, I'm sorry for being MIA.

I guess I wanted to come on here and just say hey. So, hey? Haha no but really, a lot things have been going on in my life and I've been pretty busy with work (Thank You Lord for Your provision), life and our upcoming trip (SEE YOU IN A FEW DAYS LONDON AHHH!!!)

I've got loads of things planned for my YouTube channel, which is why I haven't really been on this blog for a couple of months but I also plan on reviving this little corner of the Internet because, tbh, there's just something different about writing one's thoughts.

So think of this as a refresher, a hello, an update. An update of (hopefully) many things to come for this space. So if you're into blog posts and word heavy entries, then this is the place for you. I can't wait to see what thoughts I spill on here and how the rest of 2019 will go.

But for now, here are some totally unrelated shots of me at one of the events I hosted this month. Just thought I'd put a little flood of some pics that didn't make "the gram" lol!

See you all again soon, yeah?

All my love,

xx, karla

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Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)