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Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I last did a fashion/favorites entry on this blog and I thought it would be a good idea to get back into the swing of things. Before I talk about some of my fave bits, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel if you haven't yet! I do 2 videos a week and I've been enjoying the entire process (surprisingly) plus, I talk a lot about different favorites on there as well. Anyway, back to this entry!

A Sensationally Beautiful Scent

This. Is. Now. My. Favorite. Scent. This Aerin Tangier Vanille perfume is everything you would want in a perfume! Musky and deep, the notes in this perfume as just magical. I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla perfumes but this has changed my mind about them. Despite being musky, the scent is still very light and fresh. It smells clean and classy. I know it's hard to explain a scent but trust me when I say you're going to want to give this a sniff. I've been using it non-stop and my boyfriend loves it! He's never really commented on my perfumes before so when he noticed this one, I knew it was something different (in the best way possible!) This would make the perfect Christmas gift for your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife or anyone who loves a good perfume. It's amazing!

#DadPants 4 EVAH

Oh yes, I went there. I went there, bought them, wore them and am now in love with them! I know track pants are more of a trendy piece as of the minute but I am living for how comfortable they are. I've been girl crushing on Dua Lipa recently and her style is so effortless and cool that I couldn't help but add some bits to my closet and current wardrobe. I found these Adidas Track Pants at the Kuala Lumpur Airport and they're actually Men's Track Pants but in a size Small. They're super comfortable, light and they fit pretty well on me. The waist is bigger than what I am used to but thanks to the draw string, I can tighten them easily. They work great with anything as well! I've been wearing them with tight long sleeve shirts, sweaters and over sized shirts. I now want them in all colors!

'Tis the (Red Cup) Season

Let's be honest, I've been counting down the days till Christmas since, like, April Haha! But you know that the BER months are real when the coffee shops start busting out their sticker cards and those famously Christmas themed cups. Regardless of which shop I go to, I love how more and more brands and companies are really making an effort to bring about the Holiday vibes in their products. Granted, it's a business at the end of the day, I still appreciate and love the happy vibe and sort of "cold and cozy" feel I get. I've been sipping on one of my holiday faves the Peppermint Mocha (minus the green tea whipped cream because, no) and things have been getting pretty festive! Are your houses decorated yet?

Fabulously Floral

Before I start busting out my Christmas sweaters (yes, I own quite a few of them lol) I've really been enjoying mixing up my style recently. When I'm not sporting my sweaters, shirts and track pants, this bell sleeve floral top from La Vida Moda is what I reach for. I love the floral pattern and cut of the top- it looks great with jeans, shorts and even pencil skirts. La Vida Moda is actually a brand that caters to those who work at offices which I think is awesome! Just because you work at an office or at a corporate job doesn't mean you have to wear boring clothes! Shop their collection here or on Zalora!

Ridiculously Red

Can we take a moment to appreciate these ridiculously red sandals?! When I first saw these on Zalora I knew I had to have them. Not one to impulse buy (although, it has happened in the past) I put these on my wishlist and thought about them for a week or two. I couldn't get them out of my mind and since I didn't have any vibrant red shoes or sandals in my closet, I added them to my cart and I've been wearing them ever since! They're super comfortable and I love the pearl detail on them. They're in this suede material so I wouldn't be walking around any watery areas if I were you lol! They look very similar to ones I spotted in ZARA but for half the price! Check them out here.

Down for the Denim

Who doesn't love a good sale? I've been on the hunt for black and a white denim jackets for yonks and thanks to the UNIQLO sale a few weeks ago, I was able to get this black denim jacket for P990! The original price was P1990, so I'd say that was a pretty good steal. I got a size Large mainly because I wanted it to be a bit oversized and easy to wear over sweaters and thicker tops. I love how light and thin the denim is, it's easy to match and wear. I'm so glad I found it!

Those are just some of the things I've been loving recently. What have you guys been loving?

xx, karla

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