Viva La Vans

9:52:00 AM

Yes, it's going to be an entire entry on shoes. So sue me lol

Seriously though, I haven't stopped wearing these Vans Old Skool sneakers since I got them for my birthday and oh my goodness, they are EVERYTHING!

Aside from being "on trend" until now (it's been over a year since these babies "came back") they are the comfiest shoes I've worn in a while. I love how they look with jeans, shorts, skirts and even baggy pants and joggers.

They're super casual but at the same time dressy- I honestly can't explain it other than they work and they werq. I love the suede details and the crisp white line that runs through it. I love them so much that I'm seriously considering getting the pastel pink ones and the all white ones too. I'm that sold on them. They're a little bit harder to find but I'm sure some shops still carry them.

My boyfriend got these for me for my birthday and we found them at the SM Megamall Department store (they've really got it all for you!) They fit true to size and you can wear them with regular socks or those hidden ones. I personally love styling them both ways, and they're just so fun to wear.

Do you have a pair of these bad boys?

xx, karla

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Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)