Tried & Tested: Glossier Stretch Concealer

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Hey everyone!

So sorry for the lack of posts- I've been crazy busy the past few weeks (Praise God!) and I've been handling my column, my show, hosting gigs and my YouTube channel. Videos have been going up regularly though every Wednesday at 8:00 PM so please be sure to be subscribed for those videos!

Anyway, for today's blog post I thought I'd share with you guys my thoughts on the famous Glossier Stretch Concealer which I have been testing out these past few weeks. I don't normally post about something that I haven't tried so forgive me if the pictures show a used concealer, at least you know I'm giving my honest thoughts on it Hihi!

For someone who has combination skin (dry cheeks and an oily T zone) I was very excited to try this concealer out. I love that Glossier is such a simple brand that focuses on good skin and natural makeup. It's refreshing to see a brand that promotes such a positive message. So let's get down to business:

The Packaging

I've always had a love-hate relationship when it comes to pot concealers. I love the concept of having a weighty container but it isn't exactly the most practical or hygienic of packagings. With this being said, however, I don't mind the pot that this concealer comes in. I love the luxe feel it has and the cute 'G' on the cap. My sister Trina kindly ordered this for me when she got herself the Cleanser and the Balm. I got the shade Medium and it's the perfect match for me (I'm NC 30 in MAC for reference) it matches both my face and under my eyes- I don't know how it does it but it works for both! It's filled to the brim but since I've been using for a couple of weeks, there is a dent already in the pot, but nothing that merits a repurchase (just yet)

The Formula

I don't know how else to describe the formulation of this concealer except that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's lightweight, sort of watery but pigmented at the same time and it covers redness! Buildable but still very natural, this concealer doesn't crease on my face and stays put all day. I don't even have to really touch up and it looks good regardless if I powder on top of it or not. If you don't want to put a base but just want to cover up dark circles, this concealer will give you that perfect natural finish. It's amazing how light it is. I've used it for events and for a normal day running errands and it helps make me look more polished but still very natural. Don't get me wrong, despite it being quite pigmented, this will not cover a giant pimple. It will help make it look less red and angry, but you'll still need to whip out an industrial strength concealer like the MUFE one for those kinds of spots (believe me, I've tried lol). But regardless it is my new favorite concealer of all time!

The Finish

Like I said about the formulation, this concealer gives the most natural finish I've ever seen in a makeup product. It manages to blend so seamlessly into the skin that the finish is skin like- it's quite the mystery. It's the type of concealer that if you have freckles (which I think are super cute) they will still show through. It's perfect for everyday and buildable for evenings. I forget that I'm using concealer when I put this on! To blend it in I use my ring finger but it works just as good with a brush or a beauty sponge- it's a "no muss, no fuss" type of concealer.

The Verdict

Overall my thoughts on this concealer are: YES GURL, YAS YAS YASSSSSS!!! I am so thankful that Trina got this for me because I never knew just how much I had been missing out when it came to natural makeup! This concealer makes me want to try Glossier's other products like their Skin Tint and Cream Blushes because if they're anything like the Stretch Concealer, then I am all for it! It's a product that I know I'm always going to be repurchasing and recommending to those who are looking for a great concealer to try. It's perfect for those that love makeup and for those that are just starting out. If you're new to makeup and are afraid to purchase something that's super hardcore then this is the product for you. You can't mess it up! Just make sure you get the right shade for your skin tone and you're all set.

This concealer gets a big fat thumbs up from me! :)

Have you guys tried any Glossier products? 

xx, karla

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  1. I wish you could post a comparison photo of you with and without the concealer!

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