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I think by now we can all agree that I own a ridiculous amount of makeup. No, seriously, it's almost comical. I could open up a store and have enough products to sell all year round. #INeedHelp

Despite my total lack of self control socially acceptable hobby of collecting specific brands of makeup, I do enjoy going out and trying new brands, products and launches. I love being able to discover more affordable brands as well as local options. Which happily brings me to this entry.

When my friend (and awesome co DJ) Lexy told me that she was working on a makeup line, I went bananas. I seriously did. Lexy is one of those people that you just trust when it comes to makeup (among other important life stuff, duh) and her look is always on point. So when she asked me if she could send me their first collection of lipsticks, I was over the moon with joy!

Ladies, I give you, Slay Colors.

"Inspired by women of strength, courage and passion, Slay lipcolors was created for today's women to conquer everyday challenges with beauty, style, class and confidence."

Slay Colors is a local brand of high quality makeup perfect for all you girls who love to make a statement. Right now they have 10 Creamy Matte Lipsticks that are absolutely fantastic! Let me break it down for you as to why:

The Packaging

Weighty, sleek and minimalist, these lipsticks are a dream to own. Each lipstick is housed in a heavy, super durable and frosted coated bullet. It even has a security feature, wherein you have to twist the cap before you can open the lipstick. This is to prevent your lippie from opening in your bag (and we all know how horrible that can be!) It looks and feels super luxe, if my eyes were closed I could've sworn it felt just like a NARS lipstick!

The Shades

We all know how much I love a bold lip. Whether it be a true red, a vampy purple, a deep brown or a neon fuchsia, a statement lip is a look I love to go for. Even if I don't wear much makeup on a regular basis (except kilay because kilay is life), I love swiping on a subtle nude just to give me that bit of confidence and push.

Photo from Slay Colors Facebook
There may only be 10 shades now (here's hoping and praying for more in the future) but there's definitely a shade for everyone. From nudes to purples and reds to pinks, I know that you'll fall in love with 1 (or 2 or 3 or all) the colors in the line. I've jotted down my thoughts on each of the shades in the line.

**Please note that I compare them a lot to MAC lippies because I own and use a ton of them. They're the shades I am more familiar with. :) 

The shades include:

  • Antoinette (warm rosy pink) -- Perfect dupe for MAC's Please Me!
  • Monroe (true red) -- A personal favorite of mine! Has the same effect as MAC's Ruby Woo!
  • Razia (warm pink)
  • Boudica (cool toned pink)
  • Catherine (deep plum)
  • Mirabai (cool toned pinkish nude)
  • Holiday (warm and vibrant pink) -- Such a fun color to wear, more on the fuchsia side! 
  • Cleopatra (deep beige)
  • Sappho (deep brown) -- I love this! I wore this to an event and got so many compliments on my lipstick. If you're looking for a dupe for the Kylie Lip Kit in True Brown K or a slightly darker version of her Dolce K, THIS IS IT!
  • Nightingale (mauve) -- total dupe for MAC's Soar Lip Liner!
The Formula

"Crafted with fine quality emolients, Slay lipcolors feel creamy and velvety smooth as you swipe it on. With high intensity pigments for luscious, bold and beautiful lips."

I'll be honest with you guys (as always) this is where I thought I was going to have a hard time in liking. I've tried so many lipsticks that have great color pay off, but feel sticky or super drying on the lips. I've had matte lipsticks that chapped my lips so badly and others that were so long wearing, I couldn't even scrub it off! So when I decided to give Slay Colors a go, I was wary but I was also excited. And I have to say, they KILLED IT!

First of all, the lipsticks smell so good!!! If you aren't a fan of scented makeup this might still be for you. It has a bit of a vanilla scent but it doesn't linger when worn. In the bullet, each lipstick looks super matte and a bit powdery but with one swipe, you get total and complete color pay off, without any streaking! I was honestly blown away and couldn't believe that I was trying a local brand. The lipsticks go on easily despite being very matte and they stay on pretty long.

I am notorious for eating away my lipstick after a meal or a sip of coffee. But when I used Sappho and Monroe, I didn't have to touch up my lipstick! It stayed on the whole time and wasn't patchy or streaky. I really enjoyed wearing both. They're also very easy to put on. When I tried Holiday, a vibrant fuchsia, I thought I was going make lampas my lip line, but surprisingly, just like the other shades, it was easy to swipe on! Because of the awesome color payoff, you can totally overline your lips with these bad boys too. I used Cleopatra (which turned out to be a true nude for me) and overlined my lips with them just a bit for that "Kylie Jenner-esque" pout. It actually looked good too! 

The Verdict

I highly recommend you guys check out Slay Colors! Priced at just P599 a lipstick, you're paying far less for an International brand but still getting a great quality lipstick. You are also supporting a local brand and it's important that we constantly strive to #LoveYourOwn

I cannot wait to see what else Slay Colors has in store for all of us. Because if their first collection of Matte Lipsticks is any indication of what's to come, then we better get ready, cause we're about to SLAY our makeup game!

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Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)