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I get a lot of questions on Instagram about what types of tea I drink. I know, it's a super random question to get but because I'm trying my best to live a healthier lifestyle, I'm also trying to wean myself off of too much caffeine (funnily enough I am sipping a mug of freshly brewed coffee right now but hey, we gotta live a little too) I used to drink a cup a day and after a while I started noticing how dependent I became with my daily dose of coffee. It wasn't good. That's when I started drinking tea.

Now tea does have caffeine as well, so it's not like I've gone a complete 180 and stripped myself of caffeine, no. That would be CRAY-Z. But on most days I've been substituting my morning cup of coffee for a nice cup of tea. I've found that not only does it perk me up for my show, but it gives me that boost of energy and at the same time warms my belly (which is super comforting #stillababy)

It's crazy how many kinds of tea there are in the grocery store. I've tried my fair share and through trial and error, I've found some brands that I really enjoy.

Rambling aside, I thought I'd share with you guys some of my fave teas that will hopefully not only change the way you look at tea (it's not just for old people or for after meals anymore I promise!) but will encourage you to try and make healthier choices as well as be less caffeine dependent.
Green Tea + Any Type of Fruit/Mint Infusion

Yum yum yummm!!! I'm not going to lie to you guys, I tried plain green tea and I almost puked! I couldn't stand the taste! It tasted so old and too grass like for me. But when I tried the Twinings Green Tea + Mint flavor, I couldn't get enough! It tasted super refreshing and absolutely delicious. It still had that earthy flavor but it didn't taste like I was having a cup of my garden. This lead me to try numerous other types of Green Tea infusions. So far my favorites are Green Tea with mint, lemon and any type of fruit. Right now I'm currently drinking the Red Seal Green Tea + Pomegranate and it's the perfect tea for mornings. It tastes very light and fresh and I can have two cups in one sitting without even noticing (but I do notice because I have to get up and refill my hot water lol)

I love the brand Red Seal because they aren't just affordable, but their teas are very delicious. I get mine from Unimart in Greenhills but I'm sure they're sold in other groceries as well. It's cheaper than Twinings and it tastes super good!

Bed Time/Sleepy Teas

Much to my mother and sister's disdain, I absolutely love Chamomile tea. I love how it tastes, how it smells, and how it makes me feel especially at night. Some say that bed time/sleep teas are just placebos but I think they actually work. Even if they don't necessarily make me feel sleepy in an instant, they do calm me down and help me get ready for bed as I end the day. I love chamomile teas that have lavender in them as well and my current favorites are the Red Seal Sweet Dreams Tea (how cute is that name?!) and the Pukka Night Time Tea.

Both teas give such a relaxing feeling to the body and are caffeine free which make them the perfect bedtime companion. I love sipping on a cup of this when I'm done with my dinner #TitaHits or when I'm all tucked up in bed with a book. It's amazing how such a simple pleasure can make you feel so much more relaxed and I honestly think that it's the littlest of things like a good cup of bed time tea that makes all the difference. And I'm not gonna lie, the Sweet Dreams tea really works for me! I get knocked out in less than an hour! Haha!

Peppermint Tea

Because of how hot and humid the weather has been, I try to drink teas that either have fruit infusions or I drink Peppermint tea. Now again this is something that not everyone likes. Some people even think it's like drinking mouthwash or toothpaste. I personally love peppermint- whether it be in chocolate, in candy cane form or even in a scent, I'm super drawn to minty flavors and smells. It also reminds of Christmas which is my favorite time of the year. The Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea is my favorite that I've tried so far. It may be pricier than other brands but the peppermint taste is so smooth and not overpowering that it feels like Christmas in a cup. 

Ginger Tea

More famously known here as Salabat Haha! Again, this is another controversial tea choice. Most people drink Salabat (ginger tea) when they're feeling sick or when their throat hurts. I do that as well but I also just love the taste so much that sometimes I'll have some made and just pour some Manuka Honey in it. I love how tingly it is and how you just feel like it's really working and doing wonders for your body (which it is). So when my sister came back from a trip abroad, she gifted me with my latest obsession, the Pukka Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey Tea. This is basically every radio DJs dream mix! As delicious as Salabat tastes, it's a task to make. From grating the ginger to boiling it and mixing in the honey and all that jazz, sometimes we just don't have time to sit around and wait for it to boil. Luckily enough, this tea tastes just like a homemade cup of Salabat! With the same tingly feeling and spicy flavor, I love taking a pack of this with me on my "I-don't-feel-so-good-I'm-probably-coming-down-with-something" days at work. If you're a fan of ginger and lemon flavors with just that hint of flowery Manuka taste, Pukka managed to really bunch all of that up into a tea bag and it works!!! I'm actually freaking out a bit because I haven't seen this flavor in any grocery yet so I'm rationing my stash Haha!

So there you guys have it! Just some of my favorite go-to teas whenever I'm feeling restless, sickly or sleepy. I know this is one of my more random entries but I love sharing little bits of my life with you guys especially when it comes to food. Hopefully you found this entertaining and will give tea chance! Do let me know if you have any favorite teas as well as I'm always looking for new ones to try! :)

See you again next Friday!

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