Let's Get Intimate: The Breakdown on Bras

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Hello B(.)(.)BIES!

Okay, admit it, you've definitely typed "BOOBIES" in your calculator back in like the 4th grade (and maybe you still get a kick out of it today because you're mentally still 10 years old aka me) but it's something that we can talk about as adults and not be totally awkward right?

Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about "the girls" in this entry (I'll save that for another time, maybe) I'm here to talk to you about shopping for them girly bits, specifically, bras.

When Karen emailed me using the "Contact Form" function of my blog (hooray that it actually still works!) she asked me if I could shed some light on how I buy my underwear- what shops I go to, how I got to know my size and how I'm not embarrassed when making a purchase. So I figured I'd keep my word and share with you guys basically my tips and tricks on how to go bra shopping. It's very simple and straightforward, but I think it's good to share information as well as learn more from you guys too. So let's get started.

Karla's Tips for going Bra Shopping

Tip #1 - Know your size, your REAL size

This may come as a no brainer to most of you but the truth is our bodies change, and they change quite often. What your bra size was two years ago may not be your actual size anymore. I know that I have significantly "bloomed" since my last bra measurement (granted it hasn't changed that much naman #stillwaitingforpubertytohit) but I made it a point to get myself measured last year. Knowing your real bra size makes shopping for bras easier. You get to go straight in a shop and straight to your size, no muss, no fuss. You can even shop for them online (although I honestly don't recommend this, more on that later)

If you still don't know your actual size or aren't sure, don't be afraid to go into an underwear shop and ask for one of the sales associates to measure you. I recommend going to a shop that knows their stuff (La Senza and Marks & Spencer are good) but so are department store shops (Wacoal and Triumph) Trust me, there's nothing embarrassing or shameful about having someone (credible and EMPLOYED) measure your chest! :)

Tip #2 - Be prepared to spend a bit more for quality

I've come to find that there's a very big difference between those P250 bras from the tiangge and a bra from a lingerie shop. You have to remember that brands that carry intimates have spent years and millions developing their product. So yes, you will be spending more, but you will also be investing in a piece that will last you longer than those flimsy ones.

Now I'm not saying to shell out thousands of pesos on a bra, no. I'm quite kuripot practical when it comes to my spending and I've found a couple of shops that do sell good quality intimates. Marks & Spencer and Debenhams have really good basic bras that do last. If you're not big on lace or super bright colors, you can definitely find good neutral bras in those shops that range from P1,600 to about P2,200)

La Senza is another good one. I'm sure you've all seen that hot pink and black shop in a mall with a gigantic picture of a super sexy woman in the front. Now I know La Senza can be, well, daunting. It's literally a shop dedicated to every bra and panty known to man. From the basic whites and blacks to the vibrant oranges and sexy reds, you will definitely not run out of options at La Senza. I used to love buying my bras there but there's only so much lace, frills and underwire one girl can take #TitaHits. But if you're looking for those sexy intimates, check them out. Their bras also range from around P1,500-P2,000.

My personal favorite store is UNIQLO. Yes they've got awesome culottes and kickass basic tops but did you know that they've also got amazing underwear? I may be late to the UNIQLO intimates party but I'm definitely a convert! I've got 5 bras from them and they are the comfiest ones I've ever owned. I have 2 nudes, a black, a gray and a red (it was on sale, I panicked) and they're super smooth, light, and comfortable no matter what the outfit. The Wireless Bra (Beauty Soft) is a solid piece for me because it has NO HOOKS. Yes ladies, you read that right. You literally put it on like you would a top and it is so comfy! The other 4 are the Wireless Bra (Beauty Light). Like I said I can't stand underwire and these bras are both comfortable and still offer great support. Both bra styles are just P990 (and sometimes they go on sale for P790 and P590!)

H&M has great bras too. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to La Senza or Victoria's Secret, H&M is your store! I personally love their cloth bras (the ones with no pads and no underwire) because not only are they comfortable, but they're dupes for those awesome delicate lace bras you see Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wear. If you can get them on sale, H&M bras can go for as low as P300!

Lastly, if you can, try to shop for your bras in an actual store. As convenient as it is to shop in the privacy of your own home via online apps, it's better to go to a store, get measured, fit some styles and see what's comfortable. Remember also that some stores/brands have different sizing (although it should be universal) and it really pays to see the bra in the flesh? cloth? You know what I mean.

Tip #3 - It's not all about style

One of the questions Karen asked me was about my opinion on white lace bras. Honestly, I have nothing against white bras, but I don't own any white underwear anymore. I noticed that as "basic" as a white bra seems, it's not very practical with my clothes. I have a very monochrome wardrobe and wearing a white bra with a white shirt isn't for me. The bra will definitely show and if that's your thing then that's fine but I personally don't like my underwear on full show whenever I go out. As for lace, I think there's a certain level of lacey-ness that is both sexy and practical. I have a couple of lace cloth bras from H&M that I love using with sweaters or thicker shirts (cause, nips) and I have one nude padded bra covered in lace that isn't itchy. I always opt for nude, black and grays.

Tip #4 - Take good care of them

This is something that I learned the hard way when it came to my bras. I used to just throw them in the washing machine (I used to own bras that were strictly with underwire only) and they would always come back deformed and weirdly lumpy. I would also just stuff them in whatever drawer was free and yank them out whenever I needed to use them. Guys, if you're going to spend a bit more on your intimates, then be sure to take care of them.

I have my bras handwashed with fabric conditioner and have them air dry. I also store them in their own little drawer, neatly stacked together via the Marie Kondo method. Now I get to see all my bras and they're all neatly tucked away together without losing their shape. :D

So there you guys have it! Just a couple of my tips on how to shop and pick bras. Remember, at the end of the day there's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Buying a bra is a completely normal thing that tons of women do every single day. There's no need to zip through shops and get the first thing you see and there's no need to spend thousands. Go to different shops, try on different styles (make sure the shop allows it first) and take your time. :)

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Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)