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Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way a "fashion blogger." I love repeating outfits, I buy a ton of basics and 99.9% of my wardrobe is made up of black, white and gray. You could even say that I'm a "Tita of Manila" (I actually am- coffee dates, massages and culottes are my jam) so me writing this entry isn't to pretend that I'm cooler than I actually am, because, #Tita4Lyf. I just wanted to share with you guys some of the clothes I've been loving and the outfits I've been wearing because the heat has been insane lately sauna ba teh? Some of these clothes were sent to me by shops that I honestly love and am super grateful for their generosity. I will link all of their sites below so you can check them out for yourself :)

Off Shoulder Tops

I know it's taken me ages to get on this bandwagon and they're probably not as "current" as they once were a couple of months back but I've been feeling off shoulder tops a lot lately. And whenever I think of tops in this style, there's only one shop I think of: Trippy Swag. Owned by one of the hottest Mommas out their, Christiana Collings-Canlas is a genius. She has mastered the art of creating super adorable clothes for a fraction of the price! Did I mention her Instagram feed is #goals? I've been a fan of Trippy Swag ever since she kindly sent me a couple of stuff back in 2013 and they have consistently come out with awesome pieces. She recently sent me two tops that I borderline shamefully wear all the time and especially on days where I want to look more "put together" but still effortless #GirlProbz Here I'm wearing the Stella Tie Top in Mustard and it has changed the game for off the shoulder tops! Look at how cute it is!

Graphic Tees + Culottes

Yes yes yes. This isn't revolutionary. I know. But hear me out first. I started getting back into the whole graphic/statement tees after watching one of my favorite YouTubers Lizzy Hadfield's style videos. I love how she incorporates items I already have in my wardrobe (we have the same taste/style) and I love how she mixes boyish chic with practical/tailored pieces. I recently went through my wardrobe and found a couple of graphic tees that I haven't worn in years and decided to start busting them out. One of my current favorites is this Mile Hi Diner Tee I got from Baguio during a family vacation almost 13 years ago. Yes guys, it's THAT old. My family and I used to go up to Baguio every year and we'd stay in Camp John Hay. There's a restaurant there called Mile-Hi Diner and one year we all got gigantic T-shirts just for fun. I love how the black contrasts the neon colors of the logo and it's honestly such a fun shirt. I paired it with another one of my current favorites- white culottes. It's been way too hot to wear jeans so I've happily brought out all my culottes and have had so much fun pairing them with different tops to create different looks. I love shopping in UNIQLO for my culottes- they make the best ones in my opinion and they flatter my body type the best.

High Neck Tops

Again, I know this isn't revolutionary but I love these kinds of tops! Because I have a rather small chest area Huhuhuhu I find that these tops are super flattering and help give the illusion that I am actually a woman (and not a 12 year old boy LOL) This one from Trippy Swag is awesome and super light on the skin so despite it being a high neck cut, I don't find myself sweating profusely ew in the heat. It's called the Bloom top and its a cropped style but not too revealing- perfect for high waisted skirts, shorts or pants :)

Flared Sleeves

Hello That 70's Show! Whenever I do actually get to wear long sleeve tops (to the cinema/mall mainly for #PormaReasons HAHA), I love using this striped one from Bershka. It reminds me so much of the 70's and the retro feel is so fun to style. Granted I wouldn't recommend walking around Manila in this, it is nice to wear whenever you wanna dress up but still have fun with your outfit. I got this when I went to Taiwan with RX but I'm sure there are a ton of them available here (ZARA has some good ones!)


Ahhhh!!! Don't even get me started on how much I'm loving dresses right now! Easy, breezy and girly, I love pairing dresses with sneakers just to add to the comfort level. Pentagon PH recently sent me two of their dresses and I died with joy. First of all the, the cut of these dresses are amazing. Super flattering on the body (and I have underarm fat aka kili kili rolls okay HAHA #JustKeepingItReal) and the length is perfect! I got a plain black one and a pink printed one that just screams summer and happiness all in one. You guys should check out her site and see for yourself- she's got everything from rompers to tops and skirts! Thanks again Demi for being so generous! :)

Colored Sunnies

How fun are these, right? Aside from the fact that Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are rocking these bad boys, colored lenses have become such a fun accessory for me. I've currently got 3 sunnies- a pink one and a yellow one both from Sunnies Studios and an orange one from Forever 21. I know they're trendy and are probably gonna die soon but I can't help but love looking a little bit like Elton John when I step out. Plus we've got an excuse- it's summer! :D

Yoga Pants and Sports Bras

Yes, I am guilty. Guilty of being comfortable! Badumtssss. No but seriously, YOGA PANTS. Yoga-freaking-pants. I love busting out some yoga pants to go out. Legit, anywhere, anytime I will be in yoga pants (if I'm not in culottes or dresses) I may look like I'm going to the gym but really, they're just so comfortable! I love wearing them with big shirts or long tank tops and it makes moving around easy and surprisingly cool. I also love wearing sports bras whenever I can. There's just something about the support the give as well as how cute they look peeking out of tank tops. I love the ones from Shape Shop Active- the sports bras and jackets are to die for! Physique PH also have really good yoga pants that are made really well. They sent me a bunch of their yoga pants a couple of years ago and up to now they're still going strong, are super comfortable and still look brand new!  :)

What are some of your current favorite clothing pieces?

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Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)