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Hello again everyone and welcome to another entry *slow clap* I know it's taking me ages to really put out content but with life and all its distractions duties I tend to neglect this little avenue from time to time (make it often) but I definitely plan to change that! Let me start things off by being totally transparent with you guys. I wasn't paid to write this entry nor am I being fake about it. If you've been reading my blog for a while now (awww thank you!) then you will know that I only share with you guys things that I love and want you to try. And this entry is no different. Now onto the good stuff...

One thing that I've been constantly doing for the past 3 months is taking my fitness and health a lot more seriously. I used to do the whole 3 straight weeks at the gym + healthy eating then fall off the health bandwagon and slowly slip into my "too many hot cheetos and donuts coma" and I came to find that it wasn't doing me any good (although those cheetos... don't even get me started on my undying love for them)

When I was approached by Onelife Studio to join their Pilates program I was excited. They contacted me around September/October of 2016 and I more than happily accepted. I went to a class or two a week and then would skip a couple of weeks and then go back. I was honestly loving every class but would slowly slip into my bad habit of just "forgetting" or being "too busy" to workout. One thing I did notice however, was that although infrequent, I kept going back.

I entered 2017 with a goal in mind. No abs or Michelle Obama arms (much to my dismay and utter frustration because, genes) but with the goal that I was, finally, going to be fit. I noticed I had gained tons of weight (I really did okay Mom and Trina!) and I was getting really sluggish and overall super lazy. My jeans also weren't going up my bum and I was starting to shop for looser clothes just to make myself feel better. I knew a diet wasn't going to cut it and I wanted it to be a natural, healthy process. I got my butt back into the Onelife Studio and I've never looked back. I can proudly say I now go 3x a week (sometimes 4 if I can) and I join sometimes 2 classes back-to-back per day. And guys, I AM IN LOVE.

I never thought that I could love a workout program as much as I love Onelife Studio. Now let me explain to you why.

1. The studio is BEAUTIFUL

I know this has nothing to do with overall fitness but for someone with an OCD who likes things neat and clean, the studio is AMAZING. It's bright thanks to the gorgeous windows, the walls are white and the floors are light wood. The reformers are super clean and the aircon is at the perfect temperature. It also smells fabulous. Seriously. Just go in and smell the place! Walking in to OneLife already makes you feel better about yourself. No joke.

2. The instructors really know their stuff

When it comes to having a PT or an instructor, it's really helpful when you can see that they really know their stuff. The instructors at Onelife are not only trained by the best, but they are the best. I personally have tried the classes of Laarni, Che and Therry and each of them have kicked my butt in their own special way.

Laarni is a tough but super funny instructor. She loves pushing you to your maximum limit and allows you to feel that much stronger with every session. I always end her class tired but in the best possible way. My boyfriend loves going to her classes as well (he's an athlete) because he really enjoys her intense workouts. She has the best hirits during class and encourages you to continue on even when your muscles are dying (and you're losing strength from all the laughing!)

Che is also tough but fun as well. I love attending her Jumpboard classes (OMG DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THOSE HORRIBLY DELICIOUS CLASS OF PAIN) because she brings a whole new look into the standard Pilates workout. Her energy is infectious!

And of course there's Therry, the sweetest instructor ever. Her voice is so malambing and she's always smiling.... but don't let that fool you. Although she's sweet, she also kicks butt! I love attending her classes on Sunday mornings (8AM.. Who am I!?) and I looooveeee her Restorative Yoga on Thursday nights!

I can't wait to join the classes of the other instructors in the future because I know it's going to be CRAZY GOOD.

3. It's more than just "lying down"

The common misconception I think about Pilates is that people feel it's super easy and won't make you sweat. Granted you are on a Reformer (that's the "bed thing" that you see in studios) and you do work with springs as weights but let me tell you- Pilates is tough and definitely a real workout! It targets every muscle in your body and even muscles that you never knew you had. I can't even count how many seriously sweaty moments I had where I realized "Oh... may muscle pala diyan?!" My core feels stronger, my bum is firmer and my arms aren't as pathetically noodle-esque as they used to be. The best part? It doesn't strain or put pressure on your body. There are also other classes that give you a different take on Pilates like the Jumpboard class (my favorite cardio workout) as well as Athletic Conditioning (I have yet to try because, Laarni) and Rowing too (my arms aren't ready for that jelly just yet lol)

And lastly,

4. Because it, quite simply, WORKS

It's addicting. It's a very addicting workout. I find myself looking forward to my classes and wanting to workout. You feel good entering the studio, feel so much stronger with every rep and movement and at the end of it, you feel satisfied and proud of yourself. Pilates at Onelife Studio has simply made me feel like I can achieve my fitness goals and be the best version of myself. I know it sounds cheesy but it's true. I have never been more in love with getting my body to the best shape it can be.

So if you guys are looking for a new workout or something new to try, please give Pilates at Onelife Studio a try. The people are super nice and genuinely concerned with you becoming fit and fabulous. The studio is beautiful and each class is different. What I love about Onelife is they also offer Personal Training sessions and encourage you to have a one-on-one session with their instructors to better equip you for when you do decide to join a class. They want to make sure you not only get your form right, but that you have the confidence to join their awesome classes.

So once again, thank you Onelife Studio, for helping me realize that I can be so much better than I once was and that I am so much stronger than I gave myself credit for. Thank you for offering me a safe place where I can sweat out my problems, workout my frustrations, and enjoy getting fitter, and more fabulous! I may be far from my ideal fitness level but I know I'll get there thanks to you guys!

Btw all the pictures were taken with Cara's camera so thank you Cara for coming along and being the best workout buddy! :D

You guys can check out Onelife Studio here:

Instagram: @onelifestudio
Address2F Citiplace Building,
8001 Jose Abad Santos St. Cor. Calderon St.,
Brgy. Little Baguio, San Juan City

Telephone: (02)6715433 or 09178951762

Hope to see you at a Pilates class!

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