My 26th Birthday

11:08:00 AM

I can't believe I'm 26 years old! It still hasn't registered in my head that in 4 years I'll be 30... I need to seriously get my shiz together. No joke. Haha #Huhu

With that being said, if you've been following my blog for years now, you'd know how much I dislike my birthday. I honest detest it. But every year, my family and boyfriend try their very best to change my mind and make me love my birthday. God bless them for being such wonderful people. I honestly don't deserve them. #cheesAnywayyyy

This year was so different for me. Usually when I get up, I'm in a crappy mood, a sad mood, an I-can't-believe-it's-my-birthday-ew mood. This year, however, I woke up so happy. Guys, I'm talking, like, ridiculously, incandescently happy. It was magical.

Let me just quickly run down for you all how amazing God is (and why I loved my birthday):

  • My Uber ride (I was lazy to drive, okay?) was only P71 when it's usually P130-190!
  • Nics surprised me at the lobby of my office building with flowers and coffee (such a sweetheart!)
  • My radio show partner Rico got me dark chocolate covered coconut chips because ERMERGERD
  • We had an amazing radio show, laughing and having fun with everyone
  • I got tons of hugs at the station. I love hugs. (From people I know)
  • Nics picked me up and brought me to my surprise birthday lunch at the Fort
  • We ate at Salvatore Cuomo and Bar, a place that we had passed by before watching Macklemore a week ago and I totally gushed about how amazing and fancy it looked and how it must be so nice to dine there (See? If you're lucky, some guys do pay attention :) )
  • We then just walked around and did the groceries to prepare for my Birthday dinner at my house
  • My sister Trina and Thirdy were able to leave work early and spend the rest of the evening with us as we cooked and prepared for dinner (Trina didn't help in the kitchen, she watched basketball with the boys #wifegoals)
  • My Mama cooked her famous roast beef for me and I made creamed spinach and cheesy mashed potatoes that turned out great (and Thirdy got Rosé for us to drink... YUM!)
  • Trina and Thirdy got me the Brazo de Mercedes from Pia y Damaso which was delicious for a birthday cake
  • All my amazing gifts from friends and family
  • And of course, all the tweets, Instagram comments, texts, Snapchats and Facebook posts that made me feel SOOO LOVED!
Suffice to say I had an amazing birthday and didn't want the day to end. This was the first time I felt this way in a very long time (think childhood days vibes) so it was truly a blessing. I was so sad the next day cause it wasn't my birthday anymore Haha!

So again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who made my birthday that much more special. Especially to all the listeners of the station and all of you guys who took time from your busy days to send me a tweet- you really added to the joy and love I felt on my 26th birthday. There are so many things I want to accomplish and so many things I still want to do before I'm 30 but right now, I'm living my life happier and more grateful. :)


Expect a little Birthday Haul entry coming up next!

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