Driving in MNL: Traffic Must Have

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I love the Philippines. I love how delicious our food is, our amazing beaches, mountain sides and general splendor of the country I call home. But one thing I don't love about Manila in particular is the traffic. We constantly moanwhine and complain about how horrible the traffic is and honestly, we have every reason to freak the heck out. We could be stuck in a jam for over an hour just to get somewhere that would normally only take us about 15 minutes.

My bag essentials: lipstick, sunglasses and my T mini 3!
Every morning I have to leave my house at 7:30AM just to get to work by 8:30AM. That's one hour from my house in San Juan, to Ortigas. Which, in reality, only takes about 15 minutes without traffic. So you can see just how annoying it is to have to guess which route to take and which ways to pass. Well, luckily for me, I've been able to survive through the traffic jams with my new must have gadget- the Kata T mini 3.
Don't be fooled by this adorably tiny tablet- it packs a HUGE punch! Equipped with Google Maps I am able to navigate through Manila and all those tiny side streets that I have learned to love in avoiding traffic jams. I honestly don't know what I would do without it safely chilling on top of my dashboard thanks to the super sturdy Car Mount (I pretend I'm a spy in a 007 movie and have sometimes caught myself talking to the T mini 3... just for kicks #dork)

Not being techy in nature, my first thought was how I wasn't going to be able to use the tablet because of its interface. Luckily, it's super easy to use! It's got the DriverLauncher mode that has the cutest icons that give you an easy way to work the tablet. All I do is hotspot my phone's internet to my T mini 3 and I can use Google Maps!

What I also love about this tablet is that I can use Spotify to listen to my favorite playlists (90s Kids Playist FTW) while I'm driving just to help keep my cool when things get extra congested and impossible. The screen is super sensitive and activates the moment you touch it, making driving with it safe and efficient. It seriously has become my favorite driving buddy!

Because it's so lightweight and compact, I just chug it into my bag whenever I'm heading out- it doesn't weigh much, which makes me love it even more! #girlproblems

Did I mention that it has YouTube too?! Oh yeah! I actually watch my favorite YouTubers on this tablet even when I'm just chilling at home- the screen is so crisp and the volume level is as if I was using speakers!

Suffice to say I am in love with my Kata T mini 3. It's easy to use, easy to bring around, super light weight, sleek and compact and it's powerful too! It takes forever for the battery to drain out and I can watch tons of videos, play loads of music and navigate around the city just with the swipe and push of my finger!

Did I mention that it takes wicked pictures too? Yeahp, I may have taken a couple of sneaky traffic selfies every now and again...but don't worry! I was already parked! :D

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