Kylie Cosmetics: Yay or Nay?

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So for those that have been following this blog, or any of my social media accounts know how much I love the Kardashians. I seriously do. And I'm not ashamed to say so.

Love them or hate them, they're everywhere and are slowly (but surely) taking over the world. Kim released an entire book just on her #selfies, Khloe has managed to transform from the "stocky funny one" to the slim, toned and sexy sister, Kourtney has had 3 babies and still looks like she did back in Miam and Kendall is taking over the modelling world. So what about Kylie?

I love Kylie. Let me just say that despite all of the work she's had done (or refuses to admit to) and despite all of her controversial outfits and looks, I loooooveeeee her. She's seriously my favorite sister out of all of them. So when she came out with her makeup line I was excited, but also, skeptical.

When the lip kits first came out, they were impossible to get a hold of. Sold out within minutes and easier to get in the US, I was both sad and frustrated that I couldn't get my hands on one. #fangirl

Because they were impossible to get, I decided to do the geeky thing and research on different reviews from different beauty blogs and YouTubers in order to see if the products were even worth spending on. Luckily for me, I hosted a Jollibee event where awesome makeup artist Jake Galvez used a lip kit on me. I was so excited because I was finally going to see if the product worked for me. He ended up using Mary Jo K to give me that perfect red lip.

Mary Jo K
Let me tell you, these liquid lipsticks are SUPER matte and SUPER long lasting. They do not budge! After the event I decided that if the opportunity presented itself (dramatic noh?) I would get myself a lip kit and thankfully, my older sister Trina was able to make an order in.

I got one of the classic lip kits in one of the first batch of shades, Dolce K. I know, I know, I honestly didn't need another brown lipstick but I was so happy with this shade because I finally had a brown lipstick that wasn't WARM in tone. Think of that ashy, cool toned brown lip- that's what Dolce K is like. Talk about a perfect Autumn color!

The lip liner is very creamy and smooth to apply, sometimes I just use the liner and I'm good to go! It doesn't budge at all. The liquid lipstick smells like cake batter and is very thin in consistency, making it easy to swipe on and fairly quick in drying. Your lips do tend to stick together for a bit so if I were you I would swipe on the lip stick and patiently wait for it to dry- don't press your lips together too much or try to dry it with tissue- it will develop clumps and get all patchy and gross. Patience is key!

Trina also surprised me with one of Kylie's Limited Edition Birthday Collection pieces- the Rose Gold Cream Shadow. Oh MY GULAY. Guys, this, this is the PERFECT cream shadow. It is so pigmented, smooth, creamy and easy to blend. The color is the perfect shade of rose gold and is very flattering on the eyes. What makes her birthday collection so luxe as well is the fact that there is actual gold in the ingredients list of all of her products! Gold! How crazy is that? But ingredients aside, the shadow is very long wearing and comfortable on the lids. I just put some shadow on my lids using my finger and then blend it out with my Zoeva 227 brush.

I used this for an event I hosted with Nissan over the weekend and my shadow didn't budge all day. I wore it for a good 10 hours (ew, I know) and it didn't fade, move around or get cakey. It was such a joy to use and is slowly becoming part of my new everyday eye look!

Have you tried any Kylie Cosmetics products? Which ones do you like?

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