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I wish I could tell you guys that when I find myself being idle, with absolutely nothing to do, I get up and go workout. Maybe if that were the case I'd be a 5"5 Victoria's Secret model. But I'm not. So let me cry whilst eating a donut #truestory

Anyhoo, let us not dwell on the fact that I have yet to hit the gym (although I've bought a gym membership and have PT sessions as well starting May 15! Lord help me to stay focused and actually go to the gym... Hehehe) One of the things I love doing when I've got any idle time and a computer with me is to go on Tumblr.

Now I know what you're thinking- 'you're like, 25, aren't you too old for Tumblr?' and honestly, maybe I am. But who cares?? Tumblr is so fun. SO SO SOOOOO FUN!!!

I've loved Tumblr ever since I was in 4th year high school and I've been on and off the site for years. Just recently though I've found myself going back to my account regularly, scrolling away and liking every Pinterest worthy picture I can find.

One thing I noticed about Tumblr is you can tell a lot about a person based on their account. I don't know, maybe it's just me but if you go on my account *cough shameless cough plug cough cough* you'll definitely see what interests me and what I love reblogging (travel, food, coffee, fashion, Frenchies, flowers, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner Hehe)

I highly encourage you to check Tumblr out, it's highly addictive but a great avenue for inspiration and fun. Make an account! :)

Do you have a Tumblr?
What are some of your favorite Tumblr accounts?

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  1. I honestly like wasting my time on your blog. I seldom comment but I always go back here coz I really love reading and rereading your entries. Especially the inspirational ones. Your entries about life, books, career and relationships are all my favorites! How I wish I could write as excellent as you :) #blogspiration


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)