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If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I love being able to try out different products before fully committing to a purchase. Having super sensitive skin, it's always been hard for me to feel confident in buying new beauty and skin care products without first trying them out to see if I'm "hiyang" as they say.

Whether it be new makeup, skin care, perfume or shampoos and soaps (yes, I have broken out in rashes, spots and even acne just by using the wrong soap and shampoo!) my skin is very picky. Which is why, I was so ecstatic when I was approached by Sample Room PH if they could send me a package of products. Now I've heard of their company and have always been curious to try out their services.

Now let me first say that I have, in no way, been paid to write this entry- SampleRoomPH did not come to me, asking me to write about them, or pay me to sing their praises. For those that have been readers of mine for a while now will know that: THIS IS ALL ME. :) I was just so happy with my experience that I needed to let you guys know that this is legit!

Package 1

Can we first please appreciate the cute little paper bag it came in? Points for awesome packaging!
Here's what I got: Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen, Olay Pore Minimizing Toner, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Hair Fall Control conditioner and the Whisper Skin Love pads

My thoughts: I love how this bag contained so many different products that I didn't even know were out in the market! Talk about a good variety of things to try.

What I loved:

The Whisper pads! I know it's kinda TMI but I'm a girl, and some thing happens once a month that I not only dread, but feel so gross during. These pads were AMAZING! They were so thin, comfy, and I totally forgot I was even wearing a pad! I even used it on my 2nd day (which is my heaviest, again, TMI I know) and it didn't leak whatsoever. Definitely going to start purchasing the Whisper pads now!

The Olay toner, which I now share with my Mom. Since my Kiehl's cucumber toner had just run out, this package was delivered just in time. The toner is very gentle on the skin and I haven't broken out (phew!) Who knew that my skin would love it as much as it does? I certainly didn't until I tried it!

What was 'Just Okay':

The Belo SunExpert Sunscreen- now the only reason why I wasn't so crazy about this one was that I was sent a shade that was definitely way too dark for my skin. It says "Medium to Deep" on the tube and I found that when I put on my face, I looked gorgeously tan... but just on my face. Maybe once I hit the beach and get a tiny little tan it will work better for me. It felt really light though and thin on the skin!

The Pantene conditioner- I sadly didn't even really get to try this one for very long because my back had broken out in fits of itchiness and I already knew it wasn't going to work out for me. I can't seem to get along with heavily scented hair products without my skin and scalp freaking out. :(

Package 2

I didn't even think they were going to send me another package but they did! And boy was I happy! Now this one that I got was definitely more specific- it was all about the new Belo Baby Cologne that was recently launched. Now again, I had no idea these even existed so I was pleasantly surprised when I got this bag! How perfect for the horrible summer heat we've been experiencing!

Here's what I got: Belo baby colognes in Sweet Snuggle (pink), Happy Tickle (yellow) and Cool Drizzle (blue)

My thoughts: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I am a MAJOR baby cologne lover and always find that when I'm feeling way too hot, just a splash of baby cologne does the trick. Not only does it leave your skin feeling cool, but you end up smelling really fresh and nice despite the heat!

I don't know if you guys know this but I've come to find that when it's super hot and we sweat, the smell of our perfume changes/doesn't smell as nice. But when it comes to baby cologne, the smell doesn't really change and we still smell fresh throughout the day. Plus, it isn't overwhelming at all to keep reapplying throughout the day (which is what I've been doing with Cool Drizzle- I've used up half the bottle already boo!!!)

I really enjoyed this Belo Baby Cologne bag even if I don't have a baby Haha! But for the moms out there that are looking for a fresh and cooling cologne to get your kids, I highly recommend the Belo line of colognes! My favorite among the 3 is Cool Drizzle- it's such a classic smell! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my little reviews on the 2 packages that I got sent. Again, let me say that I was not compensated in any way for this entry, I was kindly and generously sent these products by Sample Room PH and was not asked to even review anything. But because of how happy I am with everything I tried, I really wanted to share with you guys my thoughts and experiences.

I've also listed down a couple of questions/things you might be curious to know about Sample Room PH below. These links will take you directly to their website so you can find out more for yourself. :)

What are they all about?
How does it work?
What brands do they carry?
FAQ Page

Have you tried any of these products yet?

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