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Lately I've been finding myself perusing the cookbook aisles of bookshops, picking up every cookbook possible, flipping through the pages and noting down recipes I want to try at home (one day I will manage to spend P1,500 pesos on one of them, I promise! #kuripot) as well as visiting the Food Network Website and Martha (I have become an old lady without even realizing it) I've tried numerous recipes already at home to everyone's delight (and by everyone I mean my mother, sister, boyfriend and the occasional friend) so when I found a simple recipe for 'homemade donuts' I couldn't resist.

I decided to give it a shot because, well, how hard could it really be? With less than 10 ingredients needed, I took plunge and bought the ingredients on a whim one morning after school. To my surprise the prep took little no time at all and the actual cooking, or should I say frying (Yes! Donuts are fried! Look away all the health conscious!) was super quick.

The result? Delicious and not too sweet Nutella stuffed donut holes covered in cinnamon sugar (another first for me, who knew it was so easy to make?! Now I want cinnamon sugar in EVERYTHING) Suffice to say that despite my cold, cough and sore throat, I have been sneaking in some of these bad boys hihi *cough cough*

Would you like the recipe?

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  1. Paki-share naman yung recipe Ms. :) Thanks!

  2. Karla! Mind if you share the recipe? I would be so happy to learn and cook it myself too:) Thanks!:*


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