Wine & Dine: The Ultimate Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving

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There is nothing I love more than buying gifts for those I love during the Holiday season. I honestly love it. A lot. But every year, things get a little more difficult. Tastes change, trends fade, and sometimes they throw in the phrase I hate the most: "It's okay, I don't need anything this Christmas."

Uh oh.

So you can imagine the stress I felt when I couldn't think of anything special to get them. Luckily the stress didn't last very long this time around.

I've always been a fan of Planet Grapes and everything they stand for. Great wines, delicious food and awesome company. "Wine without the Drama" as they would say. So you can imagine my joy in learning about their new Enomatic Gift Card- perfect for this holiday season.

I was lucky enough to experience using the card earlier this week. I was also able to taste the new items on their menu, as well as the Wine Flight offer they have wherein you get to taste 5 different wines for such a reasonable price (more on that later, I promise)

After a long, tiring day of work, Christmas shopping and Manila traffic, we treated ourselves to a little night cap over at Planet Grapes Shangri-la.

We ordered our favorites and staples but also got to try a new item on their menu. From our usual Truffle Chips, to the porkchops and black cod steak, our bellies were BEYOND happy.

Do you see the meat on that kebab?! ERMERGERD IT WAS SO GOOD AND TENDER AND AHHHH!!! I am drooling just looking at these pictures!

What I always tell my friends and those that ask me about what makes Planet Grapes so special is that their food is actually really, really, REALLY good. As in quality food, for a reasonable price. They don't scrimp on their ingredients and the taste justifies the price. Nics went for the porkchop with salted egg rice and I went for the black cod steak with my usual cheesy, creamy and heavenly mashed potatoes... *drools excessively*

We also got to try the Wine Flight which they have every month, changing up the different selections so you can try what you like best. It's a fun experience that can be shared with friends or that special someone.

Then came dessert... oh my goodness. My visit to Planet Grapes is never complete without getting their Turon Trilogy and Choco Collision. How. Can. You. Not.

They also have this new awesome offer called their Christmas Pairings menu where you order a bottle of wine and they give you a dish on the house that is best paired with the wine you bought. How cool is that? Again, they just keep on giving!

So basically my visit to Planet Grapes was both relaxing and eventful. If you're curious as to how to get ahold of the Enomatic Gift card, just visit any of the Planet Grapes to purchase it.

Guys, it truly is an awesome gift to give a boss, a friend who loves their wine, a Mom or Dad or even yourself! Priced at just P900 pesos, you get a P1,000 peso value on the card and can be used in any branch. So what are you waiting for? Aren't you dreaming of a Wine Christmas? :)

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