"This May Take A While" | Why Patience is Key

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Our Bible study sessions these few weeks have been about how we, as people, can live, see and make our lives better. One of the sessions that struck me the most was entitled "This May Take A While" Such powerful words. Based on a sermon from a Pastor at Elevation Church, it spoke about how we always expect things to go according to plan, the way we plan it. It really hit me because I've been faced with a lot of ups and downs, a lot of why this and not that and situations that I find myself in that test and stretch my patience to its limit. So hearing those words, that sermon, gave me a sense of comfort and a better understanding of how things go in this world and how I can deal with them better.

Since I haven't done an entry like this in a while (no, I'm not just "makeup obsessed" now- I still have other things to talk about.. ish Haha joke) I thought I'd share with you a few things that I picked up from the topic and what I learned from it. Hope its useful and not preachy. :)
Every thing takes time

See what I did there? Every thing. Everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. Everything in this life and in this world takes time. Even instant noodles take a few minutes (maybe a name change is needed there ey companies?) Anyway, that's just it. We already know that things take time to progress, to grow, to happen. But knowing and accepting that are two different things. We have to understand that things happen at their own time and waiting is part of the process. 

God's Time is different from "our time."

In a world where everything is within reach- personal information, pictures on social media, resumes and phone numbers online, it's easy to forget that "our time" is different from God's. Just because we want something now, doesn't mean it's the right time. Just because we want something badly, doesn't mean we're ready for it. The difference between our time and God's? His is perfect, ours is measured. We cannot expect things to happen just because we want them to happen. We can't expect blessings to come into our lives because we ask for them. We need to wait. To wait on Him.

It's the time to heal

Heal your broken heart, your crushed spirit, your hesitation to go after your other dreams... it is a time to heal. I'll never forget every time I got a wound as a kid (not only was I a clumsy child but I was one of those know-it-all-its-not-going-to-happen-to-me-mom-so-relax) no matter how much my Mom tended to my wounds, putting the best medicines and bandages, they always took time to heal. Every wound. Every time. See your waiting as a time for reflection and healing. A time to prepare yourself for what is to come. Good things take time and healing is no exception. Wouldn't it be great to receive your breakthrough with a heart that is healed and ready? You know it is. So take this time to heal. Feel the pain. Accept the outcome. Fall. Then get back up. And move on.

It's not about how long you wait, but what you do while you're waiting.

We can't just sit back and wait for things to "fall into place." I am a firm believer in going out there and making things happen. We've only got this life to live- our days are numbered (how morbidly true), we might as well live each one to the best of our abilities. So if you're waiting for something big, a breakthrough, a promotion, financial gain, a lover, a good grade or whatever it may be, you must also do your part in the process. God sees all things and knows all things. How do you expect God to work when you do not? Make the effort to change your life for the better and watch your life change your heart. And if we're looking at it from a practical, realistic approach, doesn't time seem faster when you're busy?

"What is coming will make sense of what is happening now. Let God finish His work."

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors of all time, Max Lucado. Could this be any more true? Sometimes we get so caught up in the challenges of our lives or in the waiting game we are forced to play in that we forget who holds the cards in all this. Whenever I get frustrated with how things in my life are panning out, I always look back at the times wherein I thought I'd never make it out alive or worse, that I thought would never end. Will I get this gig? Will this happen for me? Is this really it? What now? We have to sit back for a moment and realize that our lives are already planned. Everything that is happening to us is supposed to happen. So do not be discouraged with how long you seem to be waiting but have Faith that, when it does finally happen, boy will it be worth it.

I hope this entry somehow gave you comfort in your little waiting game. Or if you're down because of the gloomy weather hopefully this cheered you up a bit.

Before I go I want to leave you guys with a few quotes from "You'll Get Through This" a book by Max Lucado

"The forecast is simple. Good days. Bad days. But God is in all days."

"The healing of the heart involves the healing of the past."

And my personal favorite...

"He gives us more than we request by going deeper than we ask. He wants not only your whole heart; He wants your heart whole."

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  1. So inspiring ate Karla! Thanks for this :)

  2. You will always be one of my favorite blogger/ Inspiration. :)


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