3 New Additions That Have Rocked My World

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When it comes to concealing pesky blemishes, budge proof brows and an all-day matte face, I never kid around. So when these three new treats fell into my forever grateful lap (thank you, Thirdy) I could not wait to give them a go.

As a self-confessed MAC loyalist, I was hesitant to try anything new on my face (in fear that I would break out in a millions hives, or worse, spots!) but biting the bullet, I took the plunge. And boy was it worth it.

Make Up For Ever is a brand I had always heard about, but never really had the initiative to try out. Aside from the Aqua Brow, I hadn't researched on any other products. But after a few (or maybe a thousand) YouTube videos telling me otherwise, I started looking at what products would best suit me.

The Full Cover Concealer has got to be the BEST concealer I have ever tried. And I have tried my fair share of drug store and high end concealers. With its creamy texture and high pigmentation, it is perfect for those pesky blemishes, annoying red spots and dreadful undereye circles. Did I mention how easy it is to blend? Just a few pats with your ring finger or a few swirls of a concealer brush and you're good to go!

The HD Powder has stolen my heart away from my standard staple of baby powder. With its super finely milled goodness, it sets my makeup effortlessly and keeps the oil at bay. It also helps to keep my concealer creaseless and feels really light on the face. It also hasn't broken me out which is a fantastic bonus!

The Aqua Brow is a product I've had a love-hate relationship with in the past. A little goes a long way with this one and you need to use tiny and light brush strokes in order to get the most natural look for your brows. Don't go too crazy with it as I have learned in the past (hence the hate part) and only managed to make my brows look like they had been drawn on with a Sharpie.

I love how the concealer and Aqua Brow are waterproof as well so going to the beach will not be a problem for the rest of this summer! I'm definitely looking into the other products of MUFE- I have my eye on the Pro Sculpting Duo! :)

What are your favorite Make Up For Ever products?


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