Better Late than Never: Ramen Nagi

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One crazy weekend ago, my family and I decided on watching TWO movies in one day (I know, such a "wild" activity, right?) But it's simple joys like these that my family and I enjoy the most.

My older sister Trina had been raving about this Ramen place that "Mom and I just hadddddd to try" and after a couple of articles (which Trina herself sent) about how many calories and how unhealthy a ramen is, my Mom and I weren't too keen. But hey, Trina's treat so, HECK YEAH! Haha :)

First of all, I LOVE the concept of this restaurant. I know it's so late in the Ramen Nagi bandwagon for me but I thoroughly enjoyed my ramen experience.

Not only is the place cute, but the service is FANTASTIC! The moment you raise up your hand there is a server by your side, ready to assist you in any way possible. Plus, they're super polite and helpful!

With its fun and unique concept of you choosing whether or not to customize your ramen leaves a lot of room for experimentation and customer satisfaction. It's very liberating to be able to say what you want in your dish- which part of the meat, the toughness of the noodles, the spice level, all the way down to the vegetables of choice. It helps you get the best out of your dish and hey, leaves no room for you to complain since you fixed up your own order! Haha :)

Trina ordered the Classic Ramen while my Mom ordered the Pesto and I the Red King (which is the spiciest one on their menu)

As per my Mom, the pesto ramen was delicious and not at all weird. You'd think it would be a strange fusion of sorts but apparently it worked very well. And it smelled delightful!

By the time our food arrived, we barely said two words to each other as we gulped down (happily, might I add) our delicious ramens. THE RAMEN. GAHHH!!! They said that my ramen would be very spicy but I didn't think so- then again, I could eat fire and still be okay #humblebrag so for those a little more sensitive when it comes to spices, stay away from the Red King Ramen as they cannot lower the spice level on it. :)

Suffice to say, we left with very happy bellies. *burp*

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