Lunch in Argentina

7:04:00 PM

Celebrating our love for food, my family and I had a very casual and fun lunch over at Gaucho in Robinsons Magnolia.

Bear in mind that all these shots were taken with my humble and beaten up iPhone 4S which can only mean one thing ladies- the lighting in this place is perfect for food shots, group shots and those #selfies you all love taking (no point denying it now).

When Trina said Argentinian food, I was both excited and curious as I honestly didn't know what to expect having never tried the cuisine. Upon entering the restaurant, I was blown away by the simplicity and cozy warm feeling of the interiors. Beautifully lit by natural sun light, the huge glass windows made the place seem like it wasn't part of the actual mall. I loved it.

We ordered the best sellers- from the chorizo hot plate, the freshly baked bread basket with olive oil and pâté, down to the lemon roasted chicken (which takes 20 mins to cook, best order that the moment you enter the place) and to the mouthwatering steak that they specialize in (that came with pickled onions, cucumbers and another delicious veggie of sorts) Did I mention it comes with about 3-4 cups of rice as well? Such a happy note for the guys!

All I have to say is that them Argentinians- they know how to eat. And eat well. Plus, don't get me started on that herb sauce they give...

We were so happily impressed (and full) with Gaucho that we had the biggest smiles (and bellies) on our faces when we left the place. It was such a great food experience that I ended up taking my boyfriend on a date to celebrate our 4th year Anniversary.

Spoiler alert: He loved it just the same. :)

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  1. Hi! I'm an avid reader and I admire your blog posts as well as your layout po. :) I just want to ask how did you do the sections of your blog, like how did you get to have separate pages for them such as your "closet chronicles" "piglet diaries" tag. Cos I have somwthing like that too. And I wanna have them accessible with just one click. Help pls? :) thank yooou!

    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you for reading my blog. As for the sections, I believe they are called 'Pages' and I did them a long time ago I honestly can't remember. I did, however, Google "How to make separate blog pages" so maybe you can try that? :)


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