Ringing In The New Year with Food and Family

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Helloooooo 2015!!!!

How has everybody been so far? It's been a few days into the new year and already I know lots of people are struggling with their fitness resolutions (I know I am, but still going strong). In line with the whole "let's get fit this 2015" I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all the places my family and I ate in for NYE and New Year's day. Just to, you know, get you ready for them cheat days ahead Hihi :)

NYE Dinner

As mentioned in my previous post, my older sister Trina left for Australia on Christmas Day and arrived back just in time to ring in the new year with my Mom and I. We met up in Serendra (I think BGC has become our new weekend/holiday destination for food) to eat in an old family favorite- Chelsea. Now I'm not going to lie, we were a bit disappointed with the food and the quality. It honestly wasn't the same as it used to be and I think it has something to do with the change of owners or partners? We heard something like that was done and also the place was "revamped"- it looked a whole lot more hipster, and less cafe/bakery like it used to. C'est la vie.

We started off with something that struck us as "unique and exciting" on the menu- a seared tuna sashimi dish. We were really excited to try it and when it finally arrived (after about 30 mins of waiting and following up... it's raw fish, what took so long?) our expectations weren't exactly met. They drizzle this hot oil like thing on the tuna and it makes a soft fizzing sound... and that's about it. I know right? Talk about anticlimactic. :| Despite the less exciting turn out, the tuna was actually really good. I loved how it had cherry tomatoes and capers which helped to add a salty kick in the dish. Overall, it was good. :)

The squash soup was up next. It was actually very good, very creamy and full of flavor. You could really taste the sqaush and the cream added a layer of sweetness which was refreshing in a way. I was very happy with this simple yet delicious soup. I would definitely order it again.

Then came the mains...

My mom ordered a Chelsea classic and all time favorite- The Fish and Chips. When they arrived, they looked more than perfect- magazine worthy in the photo department. But as per my mom, the batter was rubbery and not as crisp and light as it used to be. The coleslaw wasn't as tart and fresh as it used to be which left my mom rather disappointed.

Trina ended up getting this Egg, Bacon and Caviar sandwich which was actually her second choice (the chef in the kitchen burnt her original sandwich order- minus points again) and was alright for her. The serving size was ginormous and was, for me, better if shared but the sandwich did have a lot of egg so it was quite filling. Trina only ate half of it!

I went for something a little more manly and filling- the Diner Pastrami Sandwich was the name I believe. It was HUGE! (that's what she said) and was loaded with sauerkraut and piled up with beef. It honestly was DELICIOUS and definitely worth a try, I just found the bread a little too chewy that it was hard to cut into. This sandwich was way too tall to fit into anyone's mouth (unless you're part of The Mummy cast wherein their mouths stretch beyond measure) so cutting into it was a struggle.

We ended our night with a nice slice of their famous Cookie Dough Cheesecake.. on the house. I guess the staff realized we weren't too pleased with how the dishes turned out (we didn't complain though, we were actually very nice about everything) so aside from it being delicious, it was free! Yay! This cake is something I would definitely make the trip for. It's not too sweet for a cheesecake and has that little tart taste which makes it a must try for all you cheesecake lovers out there!

First Day of the New Year

After all the mall hopping and restaurant stopping days that filled our Holiday weeks, my family and I decided to spend the first day of the new year by being very simple and relaxed. We headed to Century Mall which is a mall we haven't been to as a family yet (Trina has frequented it and I went once for an event I hosted) so it was very exciting!

We ate in the food hall called "Hole In The Wall" and I think it was brilliant concept! Kudos to whoever thought of the name, the set up and the restaurants inside. It's basically a food court but on steroids. A 'hipster's dreamland of infinite photo possibilities,' if you will. The tables were so cute, the chairs were quirky and the decor was a mix and match of all sorts of themes- rustic, modern, minimalist, cozy and warm. Again, BRILLIANT SET UP.

Guys, seriously, there was even someone in a plaid polo... on the floor... painting part of a stall. It doesn't get any more "hipster" than that.

Since it was the first day of the new year, most of the food stalls were closed but we were happy to see that the ones that were open, were actually too interesting to even pass up on. We ate in a place called Bad Bird (too cute right?) that served one thing- fried chicken. But this wasn't your ordinary, run of the mill fried chicken, no. As the name suggests, this Bad Bird was filled with spiced goodness.

We ordered the set meals that consisted of two pieces of chicken (you can pick levels normal, spicy or hot), dirty rice and kimchi. The pieces of chicken were definitely more than 'substantial' as they put it in the menu and was supppperrrrrrrr good! I cannot even begin to describe the skin... oh the skin... *insert heart eyed emoji here*

Now let's have a closer look at this beauty of a meal...

Look at that crisp chicken skin!!! Can you see all the spices on it???

I got the medium spicy level for both pieces while Mom and Trina got one normal and one spicy each. I found the medium to be quite spicy so if you get the hottest level, well, prepare to have your mouth on fire! (In the best, most delicious way possible that is) *burp*

After stuffing our faces with chicken, Trina decided that since it was the first day of the new year, and we technically hadn't eaten "since last year" (see what I did there? Hehe) she would treat us to a make your own cookie and milk at Scout's Honor. Never one to pass up on dessert and all things sweet, I was more than ready to create my version of the world's best cookie.

We all mixed our base using double chocolate chip cookie dough and the chocolate fudge dough (the black one that was extra chocolate looking) and then I topped mine with marshmallows and milk chocolate chips while Mom and Trina topped theirs with marshmallows and Reese's. Trina and I both got milk- she got the Corn flavored milk and I got the best seller- Horlicks.

The cookie took about 8 minutes to get to us because it was freshly baked and believe me when I say those 8 minutes are the most difficult. I just couldn't wait to eat my delicious creation and when it arrived I may have burnt the roof of my mouth in pure joy and the taste of the cookie. Guys, so good. So. Effin. Good.

I will definitely go back to Hole in the Wall to try the other restaurants but will always save room for the cookies at Scout's Honor. Always. :)

How has your 2015 been so far? Have you eaten anything delicious or are you being extra fit and healthy? :)

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