Motorino? More like Molto Bene!

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Hello again everyone!

As you may or may not know (actually, I think only my 4 readers know this) I am a Pizza Afficionado (see Twitter Bio). I refuse to consider myself a pizza "addict" as I am not "addicted" to pizza as I am a lover of it (okay I may be slightly addicted). I could eat pizza all day, everyday and I fear that one day I will become as round as a pizza. But until then, I shall keep munching on.

Now being a pizza pro (I will not be humble about this), I've had my fair share of the good, the bad, and the GLORIOUS. From S&R's delicious and gooey pepperoni pizza, to Shakey's thin crust chorizo madness that is the Castallana, I have listed in my head (and heart) my all time favorites. And I honestly thought, I had a good roster of "go-to/holy grail" pizzas.

That is until... I ate in Motorino. *cue James Bond-esque music*

Not gonna lie, I've passed this place numerous times whenever I'm in Greenbelt and never even take a second look. From it's simple and minimalist façade, it isn't something that's really eye catching. But thanks to my sister Trina (click on her name for her Instagram account because you should ALL follow her for food posts and where to basically eat in this country) we decided to give it a go before watching a movie.

Stepping in to the restaurant, I immediately saw a chalk board with a quote from one of my favorite chefs Mario Batali saying that Motorino is the "Cindy Crawford" of pizzas (I wish I took a photo of it), pulled right ahead at my heart strings. I was so excited to try the cheesy goodness!

The interior of the restaurant immediately brings you straight into the heart of Brooklyn/New York - not that I've ever been, but I would imagine it to look and feel just like the inside of this restaurant. With the mood lighting, comfy couches and sleek chairs, the place is perfect to hang out with a bunch of friends or sneak into a little corner and have a romantic date.

Wall painting behind our booth
Loved the silver ceilings!
What also caught my eye was the giganic oven in which the pizzas are cooked in. It looked so authentic and legit I couldn't wait to taste just how crisp and baked the pizzas would be (yes, you can tell a lot about a pizza by its oven Haha #whut)

Uyyy Kuya... aware sa photo HAHA

We didn't order much- just two pizzas (for 3 women HAHA) and I found myself VERY full and happily satisfied. The quality of their pizzas.... oh my goodness.. let me just count the ways!!!

What's nice about their pizzas is that they have just a few kinds but you can tell that each one is a house special. We opted, as per Trina's call, for the Prosciutto with Arugula and the Quattro Formaggi with Anchovies. I DIE OF THE GOODNESS!!! Let me explain each one more in detail for you all. *drools*

Just... I mean, take a moment to appreciate this beauty will yah?

From the first crunchy bite, to the chewy crust and the gooey cheese- this pizza was all kinds of delicious. Not to mention, definitely a pizza the guys will enjoy. The prosciutto was salty and melted perfectly in your mouth while the Arugula provided the perfect cut of bitterness to every bite, making you just want to take more and more in. 

Just a sprinkle of spice on this hottie
You can really tell when a pizza is made with finer ingredients and Motorino makes their pizza this exact way. Not to mention the difference a good oven makes in baking the pizza to perfection. I cannot even begin to describe just how much I loved this pizza- if I added a glass of wine into the mix (which Motorino also has) I would be in my total and complete element. This pizza needed NOTHING. Granted, I added a sprinkle of chili flakes and a few drops of chili oil, this beauty was delicious all on its own. Just looking at these pictures makes me miss it so much (yes, it is possible to miss a pizza #iamnotweird).

Moving on to the next beauty....

I am proud to present (uhm, ako ba yung nanay niya?) the Quattro Formaggi! (...with anchovies)

Just look at this gorgeous baked beauty... Hay yay yay.... my mouth can't stop drooling!

For those that aren't too keen on having any meat on your pizza, this cheese wonder is a sure bet! With all the different kinds of cheese in it, you're sure to enjoy all the strong (but in sync) flavors carried on top of the crust!

My family and I opted to add anchovies to this pizza just to give it a little more oomph (not that it needed any, actually). You can also add toppings like bacon, extra cheese, anchovies and other pizza staples to sort of customize your pizza in a way. The anchovies were an extra P75 but I felt it was worth it. I just wish Motorino maybe put a little more anchovies or spread out the pieces evenly- some slices had more than others but hey, that's life! 

So there you have it- a little look into Motorino, a pizza place you guys should definitely try. The prices are a little steep for pizza- I'm not going to sugar coat it, but it's worth it. Maybe for a special occasion or celebration, this place can be a little treat for you and your loved ones.

I will definitely be going back there again very soon to treat my family and try more of what's on their menu. The appetizers and drinks looked just as delicious so I can't afford to miss out on that! :)

Pinky up- Class all the way
Caught dough handed! Hehe

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