Ladies Who Lunch - Japanese with my Mom (And some life realizations)

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Hey guys! 

Thought I would do a quick little entry on a lunch I had with my Mom a few days ago. Mind you, this isn't anything exciting as we always tend to eat in this Japanese restaurant whenever we're in Rockwell. Powerplant sadly has a very limited selection of restaurants and I really wish they would learn to expand more. But on the plus side, Zaifu is definitely a classic fave for my family and I and the food is not only reasonably priced, but the quality still hasn't changed (in a good way).

I love having lunch or dinner with my Mom. I know it sounds so cheesy and lame but I really do. Even if we have some of the worst fights ever over the silliest and littlest of things, I can't help but looooveeee this woman to death. She is the epitome of selfless and lovely and I could only hope to be half the woman she is.

If you guys only knew (which I cannot and wouldn't share because it isn't my story to tell really) just how much my Mom has been through, you would be SHOCKED that she's still standing, and that she even smiles (her smile is gorgeous, btw).

See?? I can't help but gush! And even if it was one of those ordinary days and lunches that we have on a regular basis (plus side to me working at my own schedule), I thought I'd blog about it simply because I love my Mama Hihi :)

All photos are taken with my iPhone. I'm still waiting for Apple to send me an iPhone 6 or for Samsung to gift me a camera Hihi *AHEM AHEM* ;)
One of our faves- the Salmon and (cream) Cheese rolls.... YUMMEH
Lunches with my Mom always consist of loads of laughter, the latest Hollywood news (care of E!), fashion, Bible Study chats and life talks. I wish I could sum up for you all just how entertaining it is to chat with my Mom- the topics are endless and the conversations hilarious and eye opening.

Hello there, little guy <3
If I could share one thing that has always struck me about my Mom, and is also something I wish to some day inherit, is the fact that she has so much love for people. Really. She always tries to see the best side of a person, and always gives them the benefit of the doubt- even if they prove her wrong consistently and are, well, mean.

Mom's Order: Beef Gyudon Goodness
I guess nowadays it gets harder and harder to like someone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everyone is horrible and I'm a snob or anything, but I guess with hard times are, people's hearts are even harder. And who can blame them? Injustice left and right, envy all around, gossip, backstabbing, hatred... society is getting pretty darn mean. But not my mom. No. She's still a sweetheart.

Take a closer look at this deliciousness
That doesn't mean she's weak or anything though. She's in fact, very strong. She has used all the hurt and pain she felt before and has somehow, amazingly, become so strong. Even if she doesn't acknowledge or believe it.

She continuously amazes me with her faith and love that I can't help but try to apply it in my life as well. 2014 was a tough year for me but a GREAT year for those that I love. My Mom got blessings that she was robbed off for so many years, my sister Trina got to travel more, and learned so many new things about her and the way she lives it and my boyfriend Nico, still continues to work through all of his adversities, becoming not just a stronger and wiser person, but an amazing athlete, who will DEFINITELY and DESERVINGLY SHINE, when God sees it fit.

My FOREVER order at ANY Japanese restaurant: Tempura Udon :)
I guess all in all, with how randomly placed this entry is- I can say that throughout life's ups and downs, family is forever. And family doesn't just mean related by blood- I have come to meet such wonderful people who I not only have the privilege to call a friend, but can consider family. We have to take whatever we can get from life- the good and the bad and all the little treats in between.

Sometimes, a simple lunch, can do wonders for the heart, mind and soul. Sometimes, a quick little chat, an email, an exchange of texts, can turn a horrible day into something wonderful. It doesn't matter where you go or what you do- as long as you have someone who loves you and cares for you along for the ride, life becomes just a bit more liveable. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this little random entry of foodie and life goodness! Till the next blog post. :)

Did I mention that Zaifu's house tea is delicious? *burp*

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  1. Your food posts always add to the list of places I'd like to eat at when I go home for a visit! Your mom's gyudon looks divine. Hahaha

    1. Aww thank you, Jasmin! You should definitely give this place a try :)

  2. Just looking at the photo you have of the salmon and cream cheese rolls makes me want to order three ASAP when I visit this resto! You made me crave for Japanese food early in the morning ate Karla!

    1. Hehe sorry for the early morning cravings but I'm hoping you get your Japanese food fix ASAP! :)


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