2 Possible Ways On Being Happier About Life

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Life's a beach, ain't it? (And no, I don't literally mean the sandy and beautiful kind- I meant the other kind of... beach... *cough btch cough*) But one thing I learned about life is that at the end of the worst, most horribly unfair, disastrous day- it all comes down to PERSPECTIVE.

As you all know, I am a big believer in jotting down the numerous and various ways I like to go about life- I do this as well on a little journal (yes, may diary pa rin ako) to remind myself constantly that life is all about growing up and getting better. So I thought it was about time to bring out that lil notebook and share with you all 2 little "ways" on how I've sort of changed the way I see, think, and handle things in life. More specifically, the CRAPTASTIC days we all have every once in a while (or in some cases, straight days of doom and despair)

Hope this helps give you a little laugh at the very least :)

Focus on improving yourself, instead of spending all your time hating on others

Wooooaaaahhhhhhh!!! Easyyyy Karla, no one said anything about "hate" - assuming ka ata eh. I'm not a "hater."

First thing's first (I'm a realist) let me explain what I mean about "Hate" in this point. I could basically tell you:

a) Don't compare yourself to others
b) It's not a competition of who has more or gets more opportunities
c) Life is fair, just wait your turn

But... no. 

I'm going to talk about that annoying little sadness, bitterness, jealousy or whatever else feeling we some times get when we see someone having it a whole lot better than us. And yes, for this specific point, I will call it "hate." Let's face it, there will always be someone out there that we may tend to stalk admire from a safe distance. And it gets hard to try and "not compare" ourselves, I mean, we're only human and that's sadly what we do sometimes. But at the end of the day, it's our choice on how we feel about that other person and their life.

We can choose to "hate" on them and be:

1) Jealous for the rest of our lives
2) Bitter that they have what we don't or want
3) Annoyed that they get everything they want and we can barely get our act together

We've all "hated" at some point- I know I have (damn you, Behati Prinsloo) and the one thing I realized is that I may not always be able to just brush it off and not compare myself or feel bad about the situation, but I can sure as heck try to improve what I do and how I go about things. Think of it as a competition (kala ko sabi mo hindi nga competition ang life?) but with yourself. Be better than you were yesterday. Work to be the best possible version of yourself. Continue to grow.

Set Small Goals for Yourself
I love setting goals. Goals are great. They make you feel excited about life, make you dream big and think of all of the fun and awesomeness they bring once you've accomplished them... but setting your goals and accomplishing your goals are two VERY different things. And it's more difficult, really, to do the latter.
I love goals that seem more attainable. I think these goals are great in helping us enjoy life just a little bit more and make us feel worlds better about ourselves. There's nothing wrong with setting "small goals." Now here's why:

Small Goals are more realistic and may be quicker to accomplish. 

Makes sense right? There's no shame in making little, simple life changes goals.

[] Don't eat rice for merienda
[] Finish your project a day or two BEFORE the deadline
[] Set aside P100 pesos a week in your savings
[] Don't shop every weekend
[] Make baon

The possibilities are endless! That's what SO great about smaller goals- they make you able to change up your life little by little and for the better. Take some time to re-evaluate your life and see what little changes you can make. You can even make them one goal a week. Another reason why I love small goals is because they prepare you for the bigger goals you're ready to set.
All those pesky New Year's Resolutions that NO ONE gets to do suddenly get done, because we were able to prepare ourselves and change ourselves to commit more and dedicate ourselves more to goals in our lives. :)

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  1. Thank you for this post! I really needed this.

  2. This came on such a great timing. Thank you for reminding me to keep myself on track! Keep on writing :D

    1. Thank you as well, Dyanne! Glad this helped you in some way! :) xx


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