Staycation: Escaping Manila, In Manila

10:15:00 AM

Hello everybody!

It feels soooo good to be blogging right now- I feel a renewed sense of self (#naks #anodaw #boom) and I've got loads of energy (might be from the coffee, sweets and constant napping) and I just feel like blogging cause to be honest, I love being able to share my thoughts on this "little outlet/platform of happiness" (maybe I should change my blog name to that Haha!)

Anyhoo, back to the "coffee, sweets and constant napping" bit, my family and I were able to escape Manila whilst still staying IN Manila (ooohhh soo cool of us #rebels) for the Halloween weekend. I must say, it was my first ever "staycation" and I had SO much fun. I think it really helped that a lot of people went out of town for the weekend which helped make Manila seem less... Manila-ish aka NOT CROWDED. :)

Escaping Manila!!!! ....In a Makati Hotel Hahaha
With that being said, I thought I'd share with you all (my 4 loyal readers), a bunch of pictures and a little bit of what we did from Friday to Saturday. All my pictures were taken with my iPhone and my sister's so sorry if the quality isn't "blogger-esque" but hey, I never really considered myself a "legit" blogger to begin with. ;)
We checked in at the Holiday Inn (chillin at the Holiday Innnnn, who you with?) in Makati and decided to spend most of our time there (not gonna lie, it was HARD to actually leave the room) and just talk and hang with each other.

Now, I wonder, do any of you or any of your family members have this obsession with making the aircon of you hotel room at ANTARCTICA-degrees-celcius??? Cause my sister Trina was set on making our room just below freezing for the whole stay.

Don't get me wrong cause it was really fun despite nearly freezing to death! It's nice to go on vacations with your family cause for me it makes me feel like a kid again- sleeping with my Mom on the same bed (yes I am fully aware that I am 24 years old and too old to be sleeping beside my mother but...)

1. I love my Mommy
2. The room only had two beds
3. My sister Trina is afraid of any form of physical, human contact (nagwawala siya pag hinug HUHU)

And just bonding with each other while watching TV and figuring out where to have dinner and all that. Holiday Inn was sweet enough to also send up some of their delicious chocolate birthday cake for Trina and I (see what I did there? "Sweet"? Hehe I'm so witty)

I may have eaten half of this cake... I regret nothing *burp*
So basically we just stayed in the room before it was time for dinner and our movie. We were set on watching Ouija and BOYYYY was it scary! For those that are thinking about watching the movie please do! Although it is quite predictable in plot, it is scary nonetheless! Sigawan levels in the theatre!

The next day we got up just in time for the breakfast buffet. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you will know that my love for hotel buffets is as deep as it can get. I loooovvveeee hotel BREAKFAST buffets. I mean, life just doesn't get any better than a good breakfast buffet (how many times am I going to be saying "breakfast buffet" in this entry?? Haha)

And here are more silly little random pictures of our little getaway:

Early morning mirror selfie!
Walking to the room for the first time with Mama Bear
Dinner with our good friend Mystique 
Seriously the best dressed server EVER. Ever. EPIC.
So there you have it! Just a little peek into our random family fun. Hope you enjoyed this entry! :)

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  1. Yahuuuuu!!!!..Another entry from you Ms. karls.. Relaxing vacation together with your family and you spend it so wisely... Those photos are so cute and silly..hahahaha... Mas close po ba kayo sa mom mo kesa sa dad nyo??..just askin lang seems so close to your mom.. :)

    I love this entry,stay sweet to your mom because im sure shes must be proud to have a daughter like you... :)

    Keep safe always.. :)) mwah..

    1. Hi Mary Joy! Aww I'm glad you enjoyed this short and random entry of happiness. Yes I am very close to my Mom- she's my rock and sounding board and I honestly don't know what I would do without her :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Have an awesome Sunday <3


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)