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Hey guys!

So I thought I'd make a girly type of blog entry (there are only a handful of these up on this blog I've come to find) about some of the products/things/places I have been loving over the past month/s. I'm thinking of starting a series of these monthly- what do you guys think about that? :)

Most of the products I'm featuring in this post however, are makeup- for the past few months (thanks to a million YouTube videos I've been watching #addict) I've gotten a little and by "little" I mean WAY TOO MUCH carried away with makeup and I've found myself collecting tons of new things and learning how to use them. I guess you can say I'm a bit of a "late bloomer" but I've never really found myself using a lot of products due to my terribly sensitive skin. Luckily, so far, these products have been great on my skin and haven't caused me to break out which is always a plus.

I hope you enjoy this little girly venture I'm trying and please remember that NONE of these products are sponsored- I got these all on my own and am using them throughout the months of September and October and I know I will be using them for months to come. :)


As you guys know from my previous entry on Brushes- I have been loving and continue to love (very deeply I might add) my Real Techniques and ZOEVA brushes. I just think using them on my face is such a dream and they feel amazing. Plus they're really easy to clean and to pack for traveling making them EXTRA worth the money (in my opinion at least).

These brushes are the ones I brought with me to our Staycation over the Halloween weekend. Not really putting much makeup on regular days, these brushes have the most use for me. The Expert Face brush is great for buffing in my BB cream while the Blush brush is great for bronzer/contour powder, the ZOEVA Luxe Sheer Cheek for blush and the Powder brush for setting powder/baby powder in my case.


Not being a fan of liquid foundations because:

1. I'm too scared that my skin will react poorly and
2. I don't know how to really use it (without looking like a cake/geisha)

I always stick to my BB cream when I want a little more coverage on my face. Thanks to one of my favorite personalities on YouTube, Zoella (if you guys haven't checked her out yet you MUST I am IN LOVE WITH THIS WOMAN) I have also come to find a love for concealers.

I always used to just use my MAC Studio Fix Concealer but lately I've found another brand that I am obsessed with because not only does it have GREAT coverage for those darn spots, but it's so much cheaper than other concealers in the market. These are the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealers and I have all 3 shades: Fair 1, Light 2 and Medium 3.

I use Light 2 and Medium 3 the most which is why I take them with me when I travel. The Medium 3 shade is just slightly darker than the light shade but it has a pinky tone that helps cancel out the darkness under the eyes (secretly I'm a panda) and the Light 2 is perfect to put on top of that for the ever so desirable "Kardashian Highlight" effect. I find that these concealers last ALL DAY and don't budge even if your face gets wet (perfect for those that work all day or get oily/sweaty!)

Another brand I discovered thanks to Zoella is Sleek. I've always wanted to own NARS blushes but the shades I want are always out of stock in the stores. It's really frustrating because I want to be cool and have the same blush as all the cool kids the real reason why I don't own any of the staple NARS blushes is because yes, it's always out of stock AND I find them too expensive. Ain't nobody got time to spend thousands for a fake rosy cheek look (told you guys I was kuripot) Luckily, Sleek blushes are just as pigmented as the NARS ones AND they managed to copy some of their signature blush shades. I have the Sleek Blush Trio Palette in Lace and the colors are amazing! From a peachy coral one, to a rose gold ish shade in the middle and the super duper neon pink (but it doesn't make you look like Anabelle, promise) these blushes are worth more than their actual cost if you ask me!

Another product I love from Sleek is their Face Contour Kit in Light. The contour powder is perfect for giving off that natural contoured look because of how soft the brown is. I don't even know if that makes any sense but that's how well I can explain it. Also, though it is quite pigmented, it's easy to build up and make darker if necessary. The "Light" shade is perfect for fairer skin tones but Sleek also makes it in Medium and Dark I believe. :)


The most important part of the face!!! 

Okay no, maybe not.

Maybe the eyes are the most important.. cause you know, we need to see. Or the nose, so we can smell and therefore taste better... or the mouth to be able to eat and talk... Hmm... okay obviously the brows aren't the most important but makeup wise, they're pretty up there in the ranks.

I love a well groomed brow. For me, it's all about good skin, nice brows and cute lipstick. That's technically all a girl needs in the makeup department (then why do you have so much makeup, Karla?? And why must you continue to spend money to buy more??? *slaps own face*)

Moving away from my Makeup Forever A Aquabrow(which I still love and use on days and on days when I have to host events or appear on TV) I have yet another Sleek product that I am now obsessed with (and have ordered 2 backups from Lacteal already) and it's their Brow Stylist in Dark. This is the most perfect shade of brow pencil I have ever used! It matches my brows perfectly and is so easy to put on that it doesn't pull at the brow hairs (this is very crucial for me as I have about 10 brow hairs per brow Huhu) I am able to fill in and extend my brows creating the perfect illusion of human eye brows (my brows are tiny) I also use the Herbal Clear Brow Gel by Palladio which nicely keeps them in place without making them rock hard. I think I may have just found my Holy Grail duo for brows *self high five*


I am LOVING these three lip products at the moment and I find myself just changing it up between these three. The Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107 is the best dark red I have ever used and it's all thanks to my best friend Lucy who gave it to me as a gift along with other makeup products. It's beautiful when paired with the MAC lip pencil in Beet which is a dark red lip liner that can be used on its own as well.

The last one is a MAC Cremesheen lip liner in Beurre which sadly isn't available here in the MAC Philippines stores but it is available online. This liner is AMAZING and is the perfect "Kylie Jenner" shade for those that are having a hard time getting your hands on her actual MAC makeup shades (I'm waitlisted for her shades Hehe) it applies super smooth but dries into a moisturising matte finish which I love. PLUS- it stays on FOREVER. So no need to worry about it smudging or being eaten away by your lips. :)


I'm not done with this book yet but when I saw it at Fullybooked I knew I immediately had to have it. So far, so GREAT. I loved Rainbow Rowell's and Matt de la Pena's stories and I know I'm going to love the rest just as much. It's the perfect Holiday book and we all know how much I love the Holidays! :)


Granted, I just received this at the end of October, I have already considered this a "favorite" scent ever since my Mom started using hers. I knew that I was going to save up and invest in a really good bottle of perfume and I felt like there was no better brand than Jo Malone. Now I know to some of you this perfume may be too expensive, and for others they find it "not worth the hype" but I beg to disagree. I can't explain what it smells like except HEAVENLY. I think it's totally worth the money and it comes in the biggest and most beautiful bottle and box. It's the perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife, sister or mother if you're looking for something a little "high end" but worth it. :)


That's it for some of my October Favorites! Will definitely make more blog entries like this one if you guys find it useful/fun to read :)

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  1. Yay!!! I've been into watching youtube make up tutorials and hauls too :') i started watching michelle phan's but she doesn't post make up videos that often anymore. Im into Zoella, Arden Rose and BeyondBeautyStar now hehe u should check them out too if you have spare time :-) :oh btw can you suggest good bronzer for contouring? I bought one before not too expensive but sayang kasi nag shishimmer siya -_- lol. Thank you ate Karla! God bless :-)

    1. I will definitely check them out! :) Sleek does a GREAT contour kit and I think they sell Sleek in The Ramp Crossings now. If not, check luxola.com! :)

  2. I love what you've done with your blog, Karls! I haven't visited it in quite a while and randomly thought about it today, and I'm glad I did! You're making me want to start a blog, too. :) But alas, my life isn't as 'happening' as yours - so I might just live vicariously through you(r blog).

    Also, I'm a HUGE youtube makeup addict too. I've spent so much money on makeup for the past year and a half... and I don't regret it at all! I used to be a non makeup wearer, but a bit of concealer under the eyes and a dash of mascara always brightens up a face and never hurt anyone. It's a confidence booster, too, and lets you go through the day knowing that even though you weren't able to sleep well the night before you sure as hell don't look like it. Hehe. :)

    Try watching EssieButton, itsjudytime, SparkleofGlitter (she's hilarious and is Zoe'y best friend!) and FleurdeForce if you haven't yet! But watch at your own risk! :)

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

    1. SprinkleOfGlitter** Zoey's**

      Oh typo's. Haha!

    2. Thank you Nin! I think you should DEFINITELY start a blog! My life isn't as exciting as you think it is, I promise! I am a 24 year old lola HAHAHA :) I looooveeeee Estee!!! Thank you for suggesting Fleur, I've started watching her and am now OBSESSED.


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)