HATCHing a New Menu

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I tried to make a witty blog entry title... I really tried. A for effort? Haha

So I actually don't know if they truly "changed" up their menu but my family and I ate at Hatch 22 last Saturday in Rockwell (THANKS FOR TREATING US TRIN!) we were surprised by the revamp of their menu. Some classic faves like the Bangus Belly and such were removed and were replaced by new breakfast faves like Bibingkoy and main dishes like Fish and Frites and even new sandwiches. Not gonna lie, I panicked at first then got really excited!

My Mom and I started out with a Pumpkin Spice Soup- it was SOOOOOO GOOD and it came with homemade herb bread perfect for dipping. I'm a big fan of starting out with a soup or appetizer, it just gets the belly going Hihi :)

Trina was debating between a couple of dishes before deciding on a club sandwich aptly named "The Rockwell Club" which was filled with rosemary lemon chicken fillet, honey cured ham, crispy bacon and other stuff that made her sandwich not only smell amazing, but taste just as good too (as per her comment) it came with sweet potato fries which is slowly becoming a food favorite for me, too. And yes, I had to take two close up shots cause... I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY OF A SANDWICH! *heart eyes emoji* Haha :)

Mom opted for the Fish and Frites which was battered Maya Maya fish (I've read a couple of articles and so has Trina saying that Dory isn't very healthy for the body so we try to avoid eating it) it was a very simple, straight to the point dish but the taste was far from basic. She enjoyed it and I would say it's a good light lunch/dinner option for those that want to be filled, but not bursting out of your clothes (ya'll know what I mean! #guilty)

As for my choice, I went for a sandwich option like Trina getting the "Cheese Meltdown" - I believe that's the name, I'm not too sure if it has another noun squeezed in between it but it's basically a cheese sandwich on steroids. Filled with cheese, roasted tomatoes and crispy pickles on rye bread, this sandwich packed a HUGE punch to my palette (parang Pacman lang, small but terrible Haha) it was soooo good! Definitely a new favorite of mine in the grilled cheese department. You guys should try it too. Ang sarap lang talaga Huhu

For dessert (yes, we are dessert people too. BAWAL MAG JUDGE) we went for a classic favorite which I was happy wasn't removed from the menu (as I would literally stalk Erwann just to demand him to put it back on the menu, and, maybe, squeeze in a selfie or two- stinalk ko na naman eh!) The Magic Brownie.

ERMERGERD. There are no words. No words. Gooey chocolate, roasted marshmallows and all the goodness in the world this brownie from Heaven  is made from Unicorn blood and Fairy Dust. SO. FREAKIN. GOOD. I would marry this brownie. No joke.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little food entry. I love Hatch 22 and will definitely keep coming back to try their other items on the menu. The Quinoa salad is one my favorites as well, for those that want to try a good, organic salad. And look for Paula- she's a fantastic server. :)

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  1. Finally! Someone who knows how to appreciate servers. By the way, the soup looks so appetizing. I have to try this restaurant. :)

    1. Hi Olivia! Yes, I do appreciate all the servers of the restaurants I go to. It isn't an easy job and the fact that they take pride in it (which they really should! Like I said, it's a VERY difficult one) and treat their customers with such positive and caring attitudes I can't help but love the place more. Yes, I think Hatch 22 is a must try if you haven't tried it already :)


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)