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Now I am by no means an expert at makeup. I, just like thousands of other girls, go on YouTube and watch numerous tutorials over and over again until I can somehow "master" a certain makeup technique/look. I never really cared much for makeup before I started hosting events and having little stints on TV. For me, baby powder and brow powder was all I really needed (and I actually believe these should be staples in anyone's makeup kit). It's amazing how a few videos on YouTube can get a person hooked.

Finally deciding to up my makeup collection and really learn how to properly (and decently) apply makeup, I started saving up for makeup brushes. I never realized how EXPENSIVE they were until I started canvasing. P 1800 for an eyeshadow brush? P 2,800 for a powder brush? Synthetic vs real hair? Mac vs Sigma?

... wait REAL hair???? Ain't nobody got time fo that!!!

Luckily, due to my YouTube addiction (seriously, they need to put up some kind of rehab because I am speaking like a girl from a Youtube video on most days and I think my family and boyfriend are starting to "unsubscribe" to me if you know what I mean HAHA... Huhu :'( ) I came across a couple of brands that seemed reallllyyyyy good quality and were a fraction of the cost of a Mac or Sigma brushes.

Now if you don't care much for makeup or brushes, then you can skip this entry cause it'll just bore the pants right off of you. But if you're like me, and are looking to start making investments in the makeup department (parang bahay/big life decision lang noh? Haha) then hopefully this entry can help you. :)

I've found that a lot of bloggers and YouTubers use the Real Techniques brushes which were developed by YouTube Beauty Gurus Sam and Nic Chapman (pixiwoo on YouTube) and they were all raving about how cheap and great they were. Since my older sister Trina has a lot of friends in the US (uy popular?), I asked her if they could bring me back a few brushes and they kindly did.

Guys, I kid you not, ANG SAYA PAG MAGANDA YUNG MAKEUP BRUSH MO!!! Applying makeup has never been so easy and quick I honestly don't know what I've been doing all my life (grabbeee naman!). But seriously, I may be late in the Real Techniques craze but I'm so happy to finally be on that bandwagon!

Sorry my brushes are dirty in the picture but they're very well loved! (And I've washed them today)
I got the Real Techniques Powder brush, Blush brush, Expert Face brush, Setting Brush, and the Eye Makeup brush kit (Deluxe Crease, Base Shadow, Detail, Eye liner and Brow brushes). Their brushes range from $8-$10 US dollars depending on where you buy them from. They really are the best and easiest brushes I've found at a very cheap price (sobrang kuripot talaga kasi ako as you all know)

SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER TRINA FOR PAYING FOR ALL MY REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHES! Yes guys, my sister is THAT awesome. She's basically, single-handedly, funded my makeup obsession and collection. Trin, are you trying to imply something? Panget ba ako? HAHAHAHA :))

Here's what I use the brushes for:

Expert Face Brush - I use this to apply my BB cream all over my face. You can use this for your foundation as well but since I don't really like nor know how to put foundation, BB cream is my base.

Powder Brush - This is to set my BB cream with baby powder. Now I know a lot of people don't like how baby powder looks on their skin but since I have very pale skin #kutisbondpaper it's easy for me to blend in. You can use this for any powder you have as it really covers every bit of your face since it's HUGE!

Blush Brush - For my contour powder

Setting Brush - For my highlight powder (Mac Mineralize Skin Finish)

And of course the eye makeup brushes (all the purple) I use for blending my eyeshadows and sometimes for my brow powder/Aquabrow :)

Another brand of brushes that I just HAD to try were the ZOEVA brushes. Thanks to one of my favorite YouTube personalities Zoella, I wanted to give these babies a go. Since they aren't readily available here in the Philippines, I was able to find a website (that I am now addicted to and have been buying loads of makeup from Huhu) that sold them at a very good price.

I was able to get the Luxe Sheer Cheek, Petite Crease, Concealer Buffer, Luxe Soft Definer and the Eye Blender brushes. WOW GUYS! These brushes are at the same level of quality as Mac but less than HALF the price! I was so happy when they arrived because they feel so soft and are so nice on the face. :)

Here's what I use them for:

Luxe Sheer Cheek - For applying my blush

Concealer Buffer - For applying concealer under the eyes and on little blemishes

Luxe Soft Definer - For blending out eyeshadow along the crease

Eye Blender - Applying eyeshadow on small areas/detail areas

Petite Crease - For applying eyeshadow on my crease

L-R: Soft Definer, Eye Blender, Concealer Buffer, Sheer Cheek (Petite crease not in picture- I had just ordered it Haha!)
If you want to get your hands on any of these brushes, you're in luck! Luxola actually sells BOTH brands on their site and although the ZOEVA is cheap, I have to say their prices for the Real Techniques is much higher than if you were to buy it in the US. But if you must get your hands on them for a big event coming up or for a Christmas gift, I highly suggest checking out - and they ship to the Philippines for FREE!!!! Yahooo!!! #kiligsikuripot Hehe

Hope this entry helped some of you with your makeup needs or for those who need gift ideas for loved ones who love makeup. I'm definitely still saving up for some of the Sigma brushes but until then, these babies of mine shall remain well loved and over used. :)

Let me know if you want to see some of my makeup favorites for the past few months so I can do an entry on them as well.

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  1. Same here! I was the "no-makeup-don't-care" kind of girl before but when I started going to events, ooh in my mind I was like "seriously, I need to learn how to put makeup now" thanks to youtube haha! This post really helps! Thanks for sharing your preferences! This is such in a perfect timing 'cause I'm looking for good makeup brushes

    The Girl Behind the Pen

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in the "once I didn't care about makeup" point in my life Haha! Aww thank you, glad this helped you in some way! :)


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