A Fantastic 2nd Impression(s)

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Hello to the wound on my foot! Haha
Last week, after 5 gruelling days of not seeing Nics (he flew to Tacloban and Cebu for PBA games and team commitments) we finally went on our much awaited date to Resorts World.

Now let me first point out that Nics and I tend to fall under the category "Creatures of Habit"- we like staying in or going to malls near us (he has basketball training really near my house) to watch movies, eat or get massages. Very rare (and I say this in all honesty, without any exaggeration) do we go to Makati, let alone the MOA/Resorts area for dates. This trip in itself was an adventure for us already.

After watching Maze Runner and walking around we finally decided to have dinner over at IMPRESSIONS Restaurant. We had been there once before for drinks and thanks to a PBA appearance months before, we were finally able to dine there for a real meal. The experience was amazing and I just had to share it with you all.

Look at this cute little thing that tasted like grown up jellyace (just being honest)
Our server Jona, was, and I kid you not, basically sent from Heaven. She remembered us from our previous visit (to which we only had wine and cocktails because the dishes were SOOO expensive that we ended up eating somewhere else Haha!) and she quickly attended to us and made us feel extra special.

*Please note that the first time we had drinks there, Jona and the staff kept giving us bread and little dishes to munch on for FREE (I guess she knew two 20 somethings weren't THAT interested in a P4,000 peso steak #aintnobodygottimeforthat so she was already an angel in my eyes the first time! Ang cheap ko noh? Inlove na dahil sa bread Haha*

We started our dinner with a salad that we asked to be specially made. They only had a few salad selections and Nics and I are very particular about the plants we munch on so this salad was loaded with fresh fruits and a deliciously sweet vinaigrette.

Since we were feeling very posh and healthy, we both opted for fish for our main courses. Nics ordered the salmon and I ordered the tuna (Wrapped in bacon. We have to mention the bacon. Okay maybe I wasn't feeling THAT healthy) which was accompanied by a bottle of white wine. #ballin

It was great just to chat with Nics and listen to all his kwentos about his teammates and team adventures whilst having a delicious dinner. I remember stopping for a moment just to thank God for that dinner- just listening to someone you love is such a blessing in itself. :)

After stuffing our faces with the fish (don't let the size fool you, IT WAS SUPER FILLING!) Jona came over to our table with the dessert menu. We kindly refused and told her we were filled to the brim and she politely smiled and walked away. We thought that was the end of it but in true ANGEL-SENT-FROM-HEAVEN fashion, she returned to our table with sea salt macarons and chili chocolate which she said was a "Thank you" from the house for visiting them again.

Uhm. What?

Kayo ang nag thank you??

I looked up at her and I swear in that moment we were infinite wanted to hug her.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for us as a couple to have had dinner over at Impressions. From the lovely interiors, to the accommodating staff, the delicious food and the great conversation, I still marvel at how Nics and I can still find new ways of "dating" each other (uuuyyy ligaw phase pa rin?? LUVEHT) but really, if you guys are looking for a fancy but awesome place to celebrate a special occasion or just go on a fancy date (kayo na may budget) you should definitely give this place a try. :)

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  1. Hi Ms. (Fan girling mode : ON) hehe. You and Nico are really cute and bagay! Stay stronger! Kinikilig ako lagi sainyo dalawa. :) GOdblees you both. :* (I really missed reading your blogs!)

    1. Thank you Paulyn! I hope you enjoy all the future entries to come. Thank you for being sooo sweet! :) God bless you!


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