24 - Answered Prayers

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Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I've last blogged and I gotta say, A LOT has happened since then. Please expect this to be quite a rambly entry... but with a point!

Lately I've been finding myself struggling a lot with where I see myself going career wise and what I want to do with my life. I know it's such a funny thing to hear from someone who a little over a year ago said that she was "set" on a certain path and was hoping for the best. Maybe it was my mid-life crisis coming in a bit early? Who knows. All I know is that I just have those days where I feel uncertain and down and I know a lot of you out there feel the same way sometimes (So hopefully this helps in a way).

I was struggling quite a lot the past few weeks. I'm not going to lie, they were brutal for me. I would get up, go about my day and wait. Wait for another hosting gig to come up. You know that saying "If it's right for you, then it will be yours"? Well, that phrase was definitely being put to the test in how I was feeling. I love working and I love keeping myself busy so when I get a little idle, I tend to go crazy. I know it's weird, but, you guys know how I am by now (I worked two crazy jobs last year to prove it!) With all this being said, I just want to show you guys how our prayers and hopes do not fall on deaf ears. The Lord listens. He listens to us no matter what sins we've committed or how ungrateful we've been. He proved this to me this entire week. He answered my prayers. :)

Now after all that I've said let's cut to this past week. After days and weeks of praying to God and asking Him to point me in the right direction, my prayers were finally answered. An answered prayer: I was asked to host an event for the SBSC (Shell) group on Monday night to which I gladly accepted. I don't know what it is about hosting, but I find myself loving every minute of the different gigs I get. I love talking to people and I love interacting with them while being myself and I find that hosting gives me that satisfaction. And again, God granted me the desires of my heart- to host again. It was a short and sweet gig, but I had so much fun meeting the different groups in the Shell company that were so happy to be working for their dream company (not that I know if this is true- but they all seemed pretty happy Haha!) and it made me think how much easier life would be if I was just a tad bit more, GRATEFUL. I promised myself last Monday that I would be happy and grateful for everything that came my way- good and bad.

Then came the following days.

I never really enjoyed my birthday- ever. For those that have read my blog posts here and on my Tumblr you will know this. But every year, my family and boyfriend try their best to always make me feel extra loved and cared for on "my special day." And God bless them because they do it even better every. single. year. I don't know what I would do without them and where I would be without their continuous support and prayers.

I recently became a part of the Mel Philippines family which made me so happy. Everyone knows how much I love shoes and how kikay I can be about them. I couldn't believe that after granting me a hosting gig on Monday, I became a part of such a big and well respected company on Thursday morning. I met with the bosses and the team and everyone was just SO LOVELY and fun to talk to. I immediately knew I was a part of a company that God wanted me in. Another answered prayer: giving me relationships with companies that I can be myself in, and truly support. Positive vibes and positive energy was all I felt! So shout out to my Mel Philippines family! I love you guys sooo much!!! :)

Then my Bubba took me out on Thursday night, the eve of my birthday, as he does every year. He always makes it a point to surprise me by taking me to new places so we can make new memories. Coming from a very negative situation (I'm not even going to elaborate on this because this blog is only for POSITIVE thoughts! Let's just say in this day and age, people cannot voice out their own opinions without receiving backlash for it and others are just willing to fight people they don't even know with no real reason to) we still proceeded with his plans.

We ended up eating in Skye (amidst the strong rain) a place that we had never been to before and had fun just talking and enjoying the good company. I would burst into tears every so often because I was just so frustrated with what was happening and he would patiently listen to me and remind me that all that matters is the truth, our family and friends, and our love for each other. I remember thanking God for yet another answered prayer: to find someone who would love me for who I was, despite all my shortcomings.

October 3. My birthday.

I woke up feeling tired and mundane. But it was quickly washed away by my Mom's huge smile as she greeted me a happy birthday. She then ran to get her gift for me which I opened and cried. A Sapphire earrings and ring set. Imagine?? My mom made me cry on the morning of my birthday! Ang sama niya noh???

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the set. It made me so grateful to God not because I had received a beautiful set of earrings, but because He had answered yet another prayer: to give my Mom all the happiness she deserves. I know this is a year that He has planned in perfect glory for my mom, and I am so grateful to be a witness to His goodness in her life. She deserves every blessing she gets because she has been a loyal and devout child of His. I love you so much Mama. I am so proud of you!

I also received this cute little fruit bouquet in the morning from none other than my Bubba! He really just sends the cutest and sweetest surprises. I couldn't wait to hug him for this after his practice. *excuse the queso*

My family had originally planned to celebrate my birthday dinner in Wildflour Friday night but my manager had informed me of a really good hosting gig for Friday night. I remember praying to God asking Him what I should do and I finally decided to do the gig. I know it's weird but I like working on my birthday (last year I taught in the morning then taped in the afternoon, go figure! Haha) so my family and I rescheduled everything for Saturday instead. Another answered prayer: a fun and important hosting gig just days after the Monday gig.

Thank you ICONS!!! :)
I was happy because I was able to have a simple and delicious lunch with my Mom and Nics (we missed Trina but she had work). It's amazing what little you need to make you happy when you have such an amazing group of people around you. And I was receiving sooo many tweets, texts and Instagram greetings from friends, family and all of you guys. My heart and phone were FILLED with love and joy and I had forgotten all of the bad vibes I had been feeling for weeks. It's amazing how GOOD social media can be. :) I also started receiving gifts at home! Shout out to my Icons Family- thank you so much for your support and for believing in me and making me a part of your roster of amazing talents. I only wish for more awesome years together as I grow as a host. And of course for my new make up kit! You guys know me so well talaga Haha! :)

My Bubba, in a panic, was so stressed out about what he was going to give me for my birthday. Even if I always tell him I don't need gifts (I really actually don't, but they are much appreciated HAHA) he always gets me something I would never get for myself- and something that is SO ME it shocks me that he's actually a guy... You are, in fact, a real guy, right Nics? Hehe check out my new wallet! It's just so beautiful!!! Thanks Bubs :)

We then went about the day heading off to Greenhills to run some errands before coming back home to get ready for my event that night. When we got home, I went up to my room to find a HUGE brown box on my desk with a note from my sister Trina. I was shocked because it had miraculously appeared without any of us actually knowing (turns out, my sister took Uber from her office in MAKATI to our house in SAN JUAN to drop it off and then HEAD BACK TO MAKATI after) how many sisters can say that their older sister would do this for them?? I had absolutely no idea what was inside but when I opened it, my jaw dropped.

It was a new Macbook Pro!!!! The very one I'm using right now to blog! And not just ANY Macbook Pro... the one with Retina display!!! (I had to Google what exactly this meant cause all I knew was it was the more expensive model that I couldn't afford- ahem, I actually couldn't afford any new computer HAHA #brokegirldiaries) It amazes me how generous people can be both materially and emotionally and even if Trina cringes at the thought of me hugging her (she's not malambing HUHU) she tries to show her love in other ways (come to think of it... TRIN ARE YOU BUYING MY LOVE?!?! ... cause it's working! Haha joke!) And of course God answered another prayer: that I may be able to afford or have, in time, a new laptop to write on. He answered this prayer through my sister, which just made it even more special. :)

P.S. Everyone tweet/comment on her instgram @kachoftheday to start a food blog! For those that already follow her you know what I'm talking about! She eats in the most delicious and cool places and she writes SOOOO well that this just HAS TO HAPPEN! Help me to convince her? Hehe :)

Anywayyyyy back to this ridiculously long entry (I haven't written in a while plus this is a new computer so bare with me- kinacareer ko na ito Haha) I ended up hosting the private screening of It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez Season 2 and I got to meet the entire Gutierrez family and have a picture with Anabelle Rama! Sobrang fan girl ako of this woman- she is so brutally honest and funny, who doesn't love her??

It was a night well spent. :)

And of course, to top things off, last night I finally had my delayed but absolutely amazing, birthday dinner in Wildflour with my family, boyfriend and friends Steph and Rodis. We spent the night laughing and just having so much fun I couldn't have asked for a better birthday dinner.

All in all my 24th was filled with craziness. From laughs to cries, hugs, kisses and tears, God has proven once again in my life that He answers our prayers, but He answers them in HIS PERFECT TIMING. I have learned a lot of things this past week, and I have learned to roll even better with the punches that life brings.

Another answered prayer: Another year to learn, love, laugh and live. :)

Black and White top: Forever 21
Floral Pants: Desiño Dulce

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  1. It has always been nice reading your blog posts. You are the main reason why I started blogging. I will never get tired saying that you are not just a beautiful face but you are in deed a beaut inside and out. Belated happy birthday, beautiful. Stay being grateful ��

    1. Thank you, Yvey. It is so good to know that this little blog has helped your love for blogging grow Hehe :) God bless!

  2. Happy for you as well ate K, thanks for sharing your life thru ur blog po, we also learn things from you!
    We Love you ate K!
    And i already told ate Trina before about her food blog, she just laughs at it..
    I really wish you and Kuya Nico would last forever, i love you both!

    1. Thanks Sharmaine!! Trina needs to start one ASAP! Hehe :P

  3. Happy 24th Birthday Miss Karla, may your day be filled with sunshine and smiles, love, laughter and cheer.

    btw, what did you used to take those photos.. just need a tip thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Macy. It was indeed filled with all that you mentioned :) I just used my iPhone as I don't have enough money to buy a new digicam yet Haha! :P

    2. Wow really? but it captured so well like a pro-cam ;) It was nice to know that your day filled with those but not just on that day Miss Karla hope for everyday! xoxo

  4. Belated Happy birthday Karla :) Hope you get to visit Bacolod City soon! I really wanna see you in person. Hihi. God bless you always ♥

    1. Thank you Pyra!!! Yes I would loveeeeee to visit Bacolod as I love chicken inasal! Hehehehehe :P

  5. is it true you pretended to have cancer back in high school complete with cutting off your hair for full dramatic effect and your football team mates even wore pink socks to commiserate with your fake condition dear enlightened one? is this how you get when youre "going through a rough time"? pretty craycray. surprised there are poor souls who believe you. hahahah

    1. I don't usually reply to outrageous "comments" like this one, but I feel this needs to be addressed.

      First of all, if you're going to accuse someone of something, best not to start with "is it true..." just go ahead and accuse.

      Second, I cut my hair short in high school cause I wanted a change of look and my stylist ASKED me if I wanted to DONATE my hair to a kid with cancer (some salons offer this service as they are tied up with orgs that do this as well)

      Third, although I played football, I was never a part of my HS varsity team which would make it hard to have my "teammates" wear pink socks don't you think?

      Also, I worked closely with my friends and the group icanserve in HS to help raise funds for cancer awareness as my friend's mom was very devoted to this cause.

      And lastly, when I go through a rough time, nobody knows about it. I handle it quietly. Only after I get over it do I feel like sharing it with people if I feel it can help them in a way.

      So I hope this "clarifies" things for you, ignorant one, who is so quick to assume and accuse. How funny how this comment comes at this point in time as well. Good to know. :)

  6. Ate karls!!!! Remember, people throw rocks at things that shine. :-) love you always! And i admire you, strong woman. God bless you <3

    1. Thank you Romelyn!!! I will always remember that line from now on. May God bless you always! :) xx

  7. Bongga ng birthday gifts mo. hahaha! :) Thanks for sharing this to us. :) Keep going Karla and keep blogging! We missed you!

    1. Aww thank you Aina! I hope people don't think I shared them to brag or anything- I just really wanted to thank all of those that gave me gifts on my blog as it's really amazing how generous people can be :) Thank you soooo much for reading and for encouraging me to blog!!! I've missed it very much :) Hope you enjoy the future entries :)

  8. Hi Ms. Karla. Remember me?? Hehe. Siguro ikaw yung messenger ni GOD para sabihin sakin lahat ng messages nya. Sakto yung blog mo sa problem ko. At yung timing ng pagbasa ko sa blog mo. Thank you for writing a really beautiful blog. Hoping to meet you soon. GodBless you more! :*

    1. Paulyn your comments always make me smile! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :) I really hope to meet you soon. God bless you always! :)


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)