Temple Run x Cambodia Trip 2013 (Part I)

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I know how LONGGGGGGG overdue this post is, but I only found my memory card reader now and a working laptop to blog on (thanks Mom!)

I thought I'd share with you guys some pictures from my 2013 Cambodia trip with my sister Trina and our Mom. Trina and I planned this trip early 2012 and we couldn't wait until we could finally go. I've heard so many beautiful things about Cambodia, from the structures of the temples, to the friendly people and the amazing cultural experience it had to offer. And I have to say, it did not disappoint.

We visited so many temples in our 4 day stay and we were dead tired by the end of every single day. The experience was amazing. I'm not going to lie- after a while all the temples looked alike but just to be there and walk around the area and through the halls was breath taking. I was so in awe of how intricate all the details were and how many hours of labor were spent just creating these masterpieces.

It's sad though that through the years and millions upon millions of tourist visits, the temples are slowly falling apart. Although we've been told during our tour that measures are being taken in restoring the temples, I sincerely hope it can be done whilst still keeping the authenticity of the structures.

Anyhoo, prepare yourselves for a PICTURE HEAVY (you've been warned!) of just some of the temples we visited. I will save Angkor Wat for another entry very soon.

Oh and excuse our outfits and how we look- we decided to dress for comfort since we knew we would be walking (and sweating) a lot! All these pictures were taken with my Nikon D40 SLR and none were photoshopped. That's just how BEAUTIFUL Cambodia was.

Trina still looking chic in her polo... not for long though! Haha!
How CUTE is my mom??? Ugh!!!!
 Our tour guide, Bless him, made us all pose this way as he took our pictures. Apparently, it's a big tourist tradition to pose on the ledge with the three faces in the background. He was too adorable! :)

Tres Marias

So I apparently thought this was cool at the time... :|

And ya'll know when you see a part of a temple like this... you just gotta...

TEMPLE RUN!!!! Hahaha!

Travel Buddies!
I cannot wait to go back. I must. These pictures are making me so excited for our Korea trip in January and Vietnam in March. Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! :)

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  1. OMG! Ang gaganda ng shots mo ate, no wonder addicted ka sa camera!
    Ang cute lang, i thought ikaw and ate trina lang may travel buddy.. Meron din pala si tita mariles!

    1. Thank you Sharmaine :) Yes our Mom also has one now Haha!

  2. parang ang init ng suot ni trina. hehe. you guys are so cute! makes me want to plan a trip with my mom and my sister :) more photos pls! :)

    1. Hi Maya! Actually as per Trina, it was very "breathable" daw HAHAHA! Yes you should definitely plan a family trip- it is nice to explore new places with loved ones :)


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)