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Hi guys!

Thought I'd do a blog post on something really exciting that went down this September. I know it's kind of the end of September but I figured what better time to blog about this than now! (I'm weird, I know).
Anyhoo, I've been a fan of STATUS Magazine for a couple of years now. I just always found the content and layout so attractive and cool and I would always be excited for whoever graced the cover. I remember about two or three years ago, Nics was featured in it and he even showed me pictures from his shoot and I remember going "WOAHHHHH!!!" cause not only was the concept amazing, but the clothes were to die for.

Cut to late July/early August of this year, I was approached by the creator/genius behind STATUS, Rosario, for a feature in their September issue and I immediately said YES! (Medyo dream come true lang naman!) I couldn't wait for the shoot and all the awesome clothes and makeup I would wear.

Now I'm not gonna lie, I was born to be a model.

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ANODAW?!? Just kidding! I am actually one of the most AWKWARD people EVER in front of a camera so I was very nervous!

I didn't want to disappoint Rosario and I didn't want to look like a fool (although on normal basis I am one Ha Ha #truthhurts) I arrived at the shoot with tons of shoes and held my breath when I saw the set up.

I. Was. In. An. Actual. STATUS. Shoot. *cries*

I was happy that the peg was all about "Being Yourself" (they kept my kilay guys. It was a proud moment for me when the makeup artist said my eyebrows were fixed perfectly YEHES NAMAN!) and I was even happier when I saw the clothes that I could pick for the shoot. GUYS. Oxygen makes REALLY GOOD clothes. Promise. I must have been living under rock to have only discovered this fact recently but MAN. The clothes. AHHHHHH the clothes.

So I thought I'd share with you guys some of the pictures I have from the shoot that were sent to me by the photographer himself, Nick Santiago. I just can't believe I'm in this magazine! Another thing to cross off my Bucketlist! :)

I call this pose the "Kuto In The Hair" pose. No actual kuto was harmed while posing this way.

Aaaaannnnndddddd if you guys on their site, there's a little online feature of us where we answer some fun questions. Here's my bit:

Karla Aguas

What’s your style philosophy?
“Dress for yourself.” Don’t be afraid to not be on trend. It’s all about carrying the outfit with confidence.
Who’s your Fashion Hero?
Behati Prinsloo. She always looks so gorgeous in whatever she wears and she can totally rock a well-tailored ensemble or a boho chic look. She seems to not care about what other people will say despite her being a supermodel. Plus, she’s Adam Levine’s wife (depressed sigh).

Before I say anything else I just wanna say a big THANK YOU to the entire STATUS team for trusting me to look decent for your awesome magazine, Oxygen Clothing for all the awesome clothes I got to wear and clothes I received and most importantly, to You, Big Guy. Thank you for this blessing despite the challenges I'm experiencing now. You really know how to cheer someone up. Your Timing is PERFECT. :)

So that's about it, hope you guys can grab a copy of the September issue of STATUS magazine (shameless plug) if you haven't already.

Oh! By the way, the reason why I haven't been blogging recently is because my laptop has finally died. Like, for real this time guys HUHUHU. Lucky for me, I have an awesome Mommy that has lent me her laptop indefinitely so I can blog and online shop.

Which reminds me, it's her birthday tomorrow YAYYYY!!! Hope you guys can greet her- you can tweet @MarilesBarretto. Thank you :)

Speaking of my mother, I better go write her birthday card now. Till next time all you awesome people!

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