Traveling Tooshie: Malaysiaaaa, Truly Asiaaaa! (Part III- Hello Kitty Town)

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I had promised myself that I would update this blog again... but I have obviously failed at that promise, too. So I decided to make a new promise to myself- to blog about my 2013 travel adventures before 2014 ends. HAHA!

No but seriously, it's about time that I start blogging again. I've just been so busy with life that opening up my laptop has been more of a luxury than anything else (my iPhone has become my third arm, really) so here it goes, my pictures and experiences at my second home- HELLO KITTY TOWN, Malaysia!
Since we were already in Johor and had visited Legoland the day before, I had managed to force sweetly persuade my family to hit up a place I had been dying to go to- HELLO KITTY TOWN!

I have been in love with HK (close kami) for as long as I can remember. My mom would buy me anything and everything Sanrio and Kitty themed since I was a baby. I can't understand why I'm so in love with her considering I hate cats in real life (I love them on books, tops, phones and stuff though) but I gotta say when I entered that wonderful building (it's actually a building with different "theme parks" on every floor- there was even Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train) I squealed in excitement and ran around like a fool.

Here are some of the pictures of my little Kitty Town Adventure :)

Trying to be all proper at Kitty's house! 

Stained glass ceilings... IKAW NA KITTY!

Guess being "proper" didn't last very long... Haha

Cute little hedges

No one really "tours" you around HK's house so you can go in and explore the place yourself. The house had it's own TVs, piano, walk in closet, kitchen and everything a fabulous Kitty like HK needs. Suffice to say I died from happiness.

Hello Kitty's Kitchen and Dining

Bathroom - Her bathroom was really cute because it had a tub that was in the shape of her face!

Bedroom and Walk-in Closet

The purrrrr-fect computer! Nyahaha
Aside from having a bunch of houses and cafes, Hello Kitty Town also has a couple of cool activities you can do. From jewelry making, to cookie baking to manicures, they have a bunch of seriously girly things for you to try!

Going all Picasso Moday on my butter cookie!
Dad's scary cookie with Rabies Eyes HAHA
My perfect cookie Ahihihi
Trina's uh... Super tanned Kitty? Hahaha
I don't even understand why my Dad is holding it like that :|
Painting my nails!
After exploring the whole Town (it took us about 3 hours to do all the activities including my posing for my cam whore sessions) My favorite activities had to be the Indiana Jones type Mystery Adventure and the Photobooth and costume activity! :)

The Black Wonder was fun because you basically had to go explore this old abandoned type place looking for clues that would help you rescue Kitty and her friends from the ones that captured her. I was so into this I don't even think words can express my level of competitiveness HAHA

At the end of it all you get a certificate that says you helped saved Kitty. I need to get mine framed.

And last, but certainly not the least.... our family picture. Enjoy.

So that FINALLY ends my Malaysia adventure with my sister Trina. I hope you guys enjoyed this entry and the series of entries related to my trip. Hope the pictures weren't too much.

I encourage you all to visit Malaysia when you can. The food is fantastic and the shopping is awesome! See you soon, Malaysia!

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  1. I'm so happy that you updated your blog. I tweeted you about this, you favorite and then you updated! I'm so happy that you finally published this entry about the hello kitty town because Hello Kitty is my absolute favorite. When I'm already working, I'm really going to look forward seeing this. Thank you Karla. :)

  2. Waaaaahh! A new blog post. Wish I could go here someday. Your post makes me feel like I'm in HK land. Haha. Keep your posts coming. I totally check your blog everyday for new posts (stalker much?). Keep inspiring and making people happy. :))


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