January 2014 Mood Board

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Hey guys and welcome to 2014! Yahooo!!! It feels SO good to come into a new year- new lessons, new challenges, new blessings and new beginnings! I always feel so happy and "clean" when coming into a new year, we can try new things and improve on things we know we should.

With that being said I've decided to make a little "Mood Board" post about a bunch of random pictures and quotes that inspire me and make me excited for the year ahead. This is going to be my January Mood Board post because these are some of the things I am currently obsessing loving and getting inspired over. From a room makeover to an actual shoe cabinet that isn't falling apart, I'm excited for what 2014 has in store! :)

*All photos from TumblrHere's to more photos ahead!Happy New Year again, everyone. Hello 2014! :)

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  1. Hi, Ms. Karla!! :) I just wanna say thank you for always inspiring me, your blog is definitely worth reading!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about God. Yes, God is always there for us no matter how big the problem is. He will never abandon us. I am also thankful to you, because you just not inspire me, but also you make me laugh. I learned a lesson from you, that is, no matter how hard or bad the situation is, you can be happy. :) I hope I can meet you personally and hug you tightly (if it's ok hehe). And of course, I thank God for creating you Ms. Karla, a very optimistic and witty person, that's why God gave you so much blessings right now, and no doubt, you deserve it all!! :) :) I'm always having fun watching you at MYX, you're so beautiful and very good in VJ-ing (hehe). :) God bless you. :) Can't wait for your next blog, hope you blog your trip to Cambodia hehe! :) Love you, Ms. Karla!!!! :* ---Trizia


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