Traveling Tooshie: Malaysiaaaa, Truly Asiaaaa! (Part II- LEGOLAND)

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Aaaanddddd the loooooooooonggggg wait is over!!!!! (yuck feeling naman si ate) Haha

After two months of delay, here is Part II of my Malaysian Adventure featuring one the two most awesome places I've ever visited (so far) LEGOLAND! Hope you enjoy this entry :)

Day 3

So for our third and fourth days in Malaysia, my dad took us to Johor, a 300++ km drive away from the city so we could go to the two theme parks located there... LEGOLAND and of course, the place I forced sweetly asked my dad and sister to go to, Hello Kitty Town.

Our McDonald's Family Box breakfast before the long road trip! :)
Malaysia's famous Palm Trees
Bagong gising freshness HAHA
The ride to Johor was really fun. My dad made me the official "navigator" by using his iPad for the Waze app and this other cool app which monitors speed traps and police (we were going at 160kmph). It was fun to just drive on by (well it was for us since we weren't the ones driving HAHA) and check out the scenery of Malaysia.

My dad also told us a fun tip that Malaysians do. Apparently, everyone drives super duper fast in Malaysia that's why they have "Speed traps" and cameras that photograph the cars that are going too fast. So what the Malaysian drivers do is they flash their headlights at the opposite lane to warn the others of a speed trap. So what happens is we're driving at 160 and a car going the opposite way from the other side will flash us to slow down so we do. It's really cute if you think about it, drivers of Malaysia against the police and traffic enforcers HAHA :))

At our Johor Hotel
After checking in to our hotel and resting for a grand total of 10 minutes, we headed on out for a quick lunch and then our first major stop- LEGOLAND! :)

We decided to have lunch in Old Town White Coffee restaurant to fuel ourselves up for the fun and hot day ahead. We ordered some of the best sellers, the Nasi Lamak and of course, the famous white coffee (which is BEYOND addicting).

Dad's iced chocolate 
His minion travel buddy Haha!
The yummiest iced white coffee everrr!!! I could have 5 of these in a day no joke.
After eating our weight in Malaysian food we finally headed to Legoland! I was so excited because I had read so many cool things about this place (even if it isn't finished yet) and it did not disappoint! Although I would've been much happier if the place was finished, the theme park in itself was loads of fun especially for those that LOVE Lego! :)

Mandatory Travel Jump Shot
Since LEGOLAND is fairly new, not a lot of rides and features were opened yet. We were very happy though because even if not all were open, we were still able to have a lot of fun. :)

Everything was made out of Lego! So cool!!! :)
After exploring the different parts of LEGOLAND, we started to try out the rides that were available. We went on this crazy fast spinning ride called the Tech Twister and I swear I almost puked. I even made a video on Instagram which got a lot of hits- I guess I was crazy for bringing out my phone during the ride.

We actually didn't get to ride this one... The line was way too long :|

If you've always been a fan of Lego then this is really going to be Heaven for you guys. Everything was made out of Lego, it was CRAZY. I never knew so much cold be made with just a few tiny little plastic pieces. Brilliant. :)

Legoland is actually divided into different "worlds" each of these worlds have a theme- from Imagination, to Medieval, to Science and the future, each world is built and decorated differently. It's also really cool cause the rides and games are different too. We rode a Dragon Rollercoaster ride in the Medieval world and it was super fun. My dad didn't wanna ride cause the Dragon was going way fast so he just watched from below and took pictures of Trina and I screaming Haha!

It was so hot!!!

Can you see us?? Haha!
 Before leaving the castles and all the dragons, I wanted to try my luck at a carnival game. So I ended up playing and I won a prize! I was able to get myself a purple hippo! Haha

That's uh... that's my game face. Super tough. You know. :\
We also tried another ride that's very similar to one f the rides we have here in the Philippines- The Jungle Log Jam of Enchanted Kingdom. Legoland's version was more of like this Egyptian world type of thing and again, my Dad just wanted to wait for us and take humiliating photos (such a dad thing to do right?)

We didn't want to get wet because we had a lot of exploring to do so my Dad bought us Legoland rain ponchos. YEAHP, PONCHOS. As in PONCHOS. It was so embarrassing because we were literally the only two people in BRIGHT YELLOW PONCHOS.

So fasyooowwwnnn!!!
Let us take a moment to picture this. A long line of children and adults... And two grown women, in YELLOW PONCHOS. Haha!

Thanks to our Dad's idea, however, we were dry as sand when we came out of the ride so thanks Dad! Kinareer mo yan! I honestly also think the reason why he was so set on getting us these yellow coats of awesomeness was because you could definitely spot us among the crowd! Even people on the moon could see us! HAHA

There we are!!! Haha

Before heading to Pizza Mania for snacks and aircon (my Dad almost died of heat stroke Haha) Trina and I tried one last ride which turned out to be more of one of those crossfit-plyo-trx experiences for me. Suffice to say, my "macho" arms and athletic physique FAILED ME INCREDIBLY. I almost thought I was going to die. We had to literally pull ourselves up to the top of the tower and then let go. Let go and fall back down so we could do it all over again.


Before we knew how EVIL the ride actually was
Trina laughing the pain away
Shortly after this shot was taken I burst into tears from the pain. I couldn't feel my arms anymore.

One of my favorite parts of Legoland was what they called the AROUND THE WORLD attraction. It was the most beautiful part of the park for me because they had all the famous landmarks around the world made of Lego. MADE ENTIRELY OF LEGO. From the Petronas Towers to Angkor Wat to the Taj Mahal, everything was there. Even the Philippines! I made sure Kitty had shots in all the different places.

Here are just some of the beautiful creations:

Kitty in Angkor Wat! 

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this photo-filled entry on Legoland. Will post Hello Kitty Town this week, promise! :)

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  1. Hhahahaa! Atlast ate may part 2 na, may part 3 paba? Or the Cambodia trip na sunod i blog mo?
    Hahahahaaha! Natawa ako sa part na umiyak ka sa sakit ng arms mo, hahahahaa! But thank you for bringing us with u sa trip!
    I love you ate karla, i wanna see you soon with kuya nico, i hope u could still check out my ig and twitter accounts..
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  2. What a cute entry! HAHAH Felt like I was there with you :) Couldn't stop laughing at the picture of you riding the log with the ponchos though =)))) Took me around 5 minutes to get over (no joke). Hope you post about your trip to Cambodia soon too! :D

  3. It feels so good to read a good vibes blog after this 1 week hell of a kind crisis we're experiencing here in zambo, I love the blog cant wait for the Hello Kitty Adventure :)) - JANE

  4. love this entry! can't wait to visit Malaysia! thank you for your beautiful photos :)


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