Things I'm Lovin' Right Now (Through Instagram)

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Hi guys! I feel like I haven't done a post dedicated to my Instagram in a while so here are a few things that I'm loving right now- through my iPhone's eyes (uyy I'm such a Hipster like that yo!)

Cupcake Lab

I am a sucker for anything sweet and delicious. So when my family and I took a trip to Promenade one day and saw the cute little display of this cupcake shop, we just had to go check it out. Cupcake Lab is apparently owned by my sister's batchmate Cay and I gotta say (uyy rhyming?) they're really good! Pictured here are their Ferrero Cupcakes, Chocolate cupcake and Peanut butter S'mores cupcake (my fave of the bunch). Guys, these are some SERIOUS cupcakes as in. SOLID. I suggest you visit their Facebook page and find out how you can order. I really loved the Peanut butter S'Mores one so if you love marshmallows and peanut butter like I do, then this one is PERFECT for you! :)

A few months back I got a sweet package from Leslie over at Pink Cloud Inc. and one of the cool things she sent me was this LBD accessories hanger. I am IN LOVE with this thing! It has saved me so much time in looking for what I need and at the same time is satisfies the OC girl in me with all it's cool compartments and loops! I definitely recommend this to any girl who wants to be able to organize her accessories. It's such a lifesaver! Thanks so much again Leslie for sending this over! I'm such a lucky girl receiving so many gifts Hihi :P

eBooks Philippines

I am such a bookworm! I lalaoveee books and I love reading in my spare time so imagine my joy when I got a message from @ebooksphilippines asking me if I'd like to receive a few of their eBooks! I was over the moon with joy at the thought of being able to read different books with the convenience of my phone! Don't get me wrong, nothing is better than the real thing, but when you need to be practical about saving the trees, saving money and saving space, eBooks are definitely the way to go! I've already read the P.S. I Love You that they sent me and I cried buckets! Just like when I watched the movie. I'm reading up on the Bobby Brown book now and I'm learning so much about the way I should apply my makeup- it's super helpful especially with my second job as a VJ! Thank you so much ebooksphilippines for these awesome books. I'm so happy! Visit their Instagram to get your own ebooks for such a cheap price! :)

I still can't get over the fact that stores send me gifts. You can't imagine the joy I feel when I see a new package on the bar table in my house. I squeal. Every. Time. One store in particular that I love so much is PUSH THRU- they have the COOLEST clothes that can make any girl feel like a total ROCKSTAR. They sent me over the cutest pair of Aztec shorts, a cropped DORK top (it looks exactly like my GEEK one that I bought from TopShop) , a Beatles muscle tee (which I will wear in my next taping) and the coolest Rayban reflector shades that are PERFECT for the summer! I actually wore the DORK top and the shorts to my Daily Top 10 taping last Wednesday and if you watched me on MYX yesterday, you would've seen me in the clothes. I gotta say guys, I felt so cool and confident in their clothes. They're definitely quality clothes and are perfect for the summer! Please do visit their store to check out their stuff- I guarantee you, you will NOT be disappointed. Thanks again Push Thru for the love! :) **Check out my Daily Top 10 episode here**

Childhood Treat

There's always got to be at least 1 food post in my "Things I'm Lovin'" section noh? Haha! I just found out last night that 7 Eleven brought back one of my favorite childhood treats- the Rainbow Paddle Pop ice cream! I remember it being called "Kimmy Swirls" before but now it's been called a Paddle Pop and that's fine with me! Guys if you haven't tried this yet I suggest you do! You are missing half your life, no joke. It looks like happiness on a stick and tastes like Heaven. I truly believe it's made out of Unicorn pee with it's awesomeness (but has a caramel flavor) Hehe :D Hurray for the Simple Joys! :)

Fun times with friends :)

I finally got to hang out with three of my most favorite people in the whole wide world- Nics (who I always hang out with) and our two good good friends Gaby and Mikko. We had such a fun and random Saturday night at the Fort. From our yummy dinner at Nolita (I got to satusfy my pizza craving!) to our "pa cool" bar hopping- we didn't drink, we just entered the different clubs at the Fort to see what we've been "missing out" on. We had so much fun just hanging out and catching up- time with these three is Heaven for me because I can leave all my worries behind and just laugh the night away. We had so much fun at the Imperial Ice Bar because we were finally able to escape the wretched Manila heat! We were basically in Alaska and we were tripping out cause everytime we spoke, smoke would come out of our mouths. It was so fun and I recommend you guys try the place out! It's like living inside an ice cube! Hehe :P

Mama's Day

I super loved this day because I got to spend it with my sister and my Mama! We treated her to a buffet lunch at Spectrum, in Raffles Hotel. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING GUYS AS IN. I thought I was going to explode because I just kept eating. And their dessert selection- AYHMAYGHAD. I had 5 scoops of ice cream. I could have had more but I should have worn stretchier jeans :( You guys should definitely try eating there, the selection is much smaller than most buffets but ALL of the food is GOOD and the quality is fantastic. Their house flavored water (cucumber and lemon) is also cray cray good. We had glasses and glasses of it and we couldn't stop! Really, it's definitely worth your money and you'll leave with happy hearts and happy tummies. :) I was happy Trina and I got to do this for our Mom because times have been pretty rough for us lately with regards to certain personal issues (I'd rather not go into detail) and it felt good to be able to take her out and celebrate her being the strongest woman I know. She and I may not get along all the time but I don't know what I would do without her. My mom is definitely my hero and everyday should be Mother's Day! :)

Gaga for Riri!

REOWWW!!! I thought this morning was going to be a horrible day (it's that time of the month, I'm feeling sick, etc etc) and my sister Trina sends me over the Riri Woo she got me online just last week! It came out for a limited online release on May 3 and it sold out in 3 hours! Crazy right? But being the awesome sister that she is, Trina was able to snag two! One for her and one for me! Yay! I love anything Rihanna and to be able to get a hold of her lipstick before it's official release in June is just magical. I feel so cool and updated with my make up Haha! Thanks again Trin, I can't wait to use this! Plus, don't you just love how Rihanna signed the lipstick? Gorgeous. I can't wait to order the eye palette in June to complete my collection! Now I have to save up for her concert! Hihi :P

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you guys enjoyed this light entry. Will be updating again some time this week. Hope you come back for more entries! :)

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  1. Am so in love with your posts!! And now I just found out my childhood dessert is back!! Will definitely go to 7 eleven! Thanks so much ate Karla! xx

    1. Weee I'm glad you enjoyed this post! Please let me know when you find the delicious ice cream Hihi! :P

  2. Hi ate karla i emailed you nga pala kaso iba ung sender na naka lagay pero ung totoo kung name ay nakalagay sa dulo ng letter. :)) thank you ulet ate karla :)) - leann

    1. Hi Leann! Alright will check my mail. No worries Hihi :)

  3. Yes! when you posted the books you recieved from ebooks i followed them agad and bought lotsa books super affordable :) heheh and now planning to go online shopping in push thru and DecinoDulce :)) I hope you can also post about your followers comments & posts. HAHAH And Im still waiting for your GUY CRUSHES post.. I hope hnd ka magsawa or maiinis na every posts of yours may comment ako :D HAHA again! Keep it up VJ Bonita Karla -- JANE :)

    1. Hi Jane! Awww of course I'll never get sawa with your comments ano ka ba! Hahaha! :)) I'm sooo glad you got books from them! Super affordable noh?? I love it. Please do share whatever finds you decide on getting from Desino and Push Thru Hihi :) I'll definitely put up the guy crushes soon- am just making a few more collages (career?) Hehe :P

    2. Hehe yup super affordable. ahmf in case you dont know whats the meaning of BONITA-its beautiful in chavacano. =)

  4. How can you eat so much and stay sexy as hell?:-( please blog abt ur diet and workout! hehehe

    1. Diet and workout? Ain't nobody got time fo that! Haha :)) Sorry but I don't diet or exercise religiously :( I just eat everything in moderation and try to stay active by taking the stairs or biking some times :)


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)