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Hello everyone!!! It's good to be back! :)

Sorry for taking a leave during Holy Week (uyy, feeling may readers HAHA) but I really wanted to focus on strengthening my relationship with God and my family. Plus, I had a lot to pray for and I really wanted to devote this special time to HIM. I plan on posting a ton of blog entries about my adventures during Holy Week but for now I will leave you all with a short but fun entry again on some of the things I've posted on Instagram and love. I promise to upload more wordy (if you like how I write) entries about my food trip adventures so I hope you come back for those as well! :)

Thuringer Sausage with Potato Risotto from Bistecca

This is what I had during Easter lunch with my Mom and older sister Trina. Can I just share that this is probably the BEST thing to come out from Germany after German Shepherds!? It's crazyyy good and I loved every bite! I suggest ordering this for sharing though. The waiter forgot to tell me that it was good enough for gee, I don't know, two people! But I finished the whole thing happily. It was too good to stop (that's what she said). Paired with a side order of Bistecca's awesome Truffle fries you're good to go for one delicious food coma! It's P600 pesos and the fries are P220. Bistecca is located outside of Powerplant Mall, near Santi's Deli. Definitely a must try! :)
Bawai's Tagaytay

I have a feeling most of these "What I'm Loving" pictures are going to be about food because that's basically what we did all Holy Week aside from pray! God is good! :)  This is Bawai (which means 'Grandmother' in Vietnamese), the owner and GENIUS behind Bawai's, a quaint little Vietnamese restaurant  in Tagaytay. She runs the place with her funny husband Mr. Tatlonghari and they serve only the freshest and most LEGIT Vietnamese food I've ever tasted. Seriously SO GOOD. This is where my family and the Bubba ate for lunch on Black Saturday. We decided to make it a road trip so be ready for an entry JUST on this special day. I encourage you all to give this place a shot. They have the BEST coffee I've ever tasted. PROMISE TALAGA. Talong talo ang Starbucks! It was so good I was thinking of having a second glass but decided against it (I didn't want to be awake until next Holy Week HAHA). The place is perfect for a date or a nice lunch with your family. I suggest sitting outside for lunch to be able to enjoy the cool Tagaytay breeze and the beautiful plants that fill up their garden. Prepare for an entry this week! :)

My cousin Khalil has to be the best baker in our whole family. His Kalookies are NAKAKALOOKIE (nakakaloka if you don't get it HAHA joke) They're so good, you're seriously going to go crazy! Made with only the best ingredients these bad boys speak for themselves. I personally love the Nutella ones and I'm definitely planning to try the other flavors (SHOUT OUT TO YOU KAL! INVITE ME OVER! Hehe) So if you're a big cookie lover like me, who craves for cookies constantly and only wants the best cookies in town (may standards pala ako) I encourage you to visit Khalil's website and order a box for yourself. Trust me, this is the equivalent to sliced bread for us cookie lovers! They're good cold or heated in the microwave and they're soooo chewy. Chewybacca! Haha what. I'm going crazy just thinking about them... Yummy in my tummy!

The Walkway at BHS

We go to this every Holy Week as a family since it first started a couple of years ago. It is, for me, the most unique way to complete the Stations of the Cross. My family and I always have an enlightening time whenever we do each station and despite the messages varying only a little each year, the meanings and how it affects and touches us changes every year. I love how Church Simplified makes each station VERY interactive, inviting you to really take part in some of the activities that can give you a better understanding of what Christ went through during his life. For those that weren't able to go this year, hopefully through the support of many and the blessing from God, there will be another one next year. I really can't imagine Holy Week without this so I'm hoping it's around for a very very long time. Will blog about it this week so stay tuned! :)

Santouka Ramen

There's a new Ramen place in town!!! The lines are as long as the noodles they serve! Entry on this tonight! (Feeling exciting teaser much? HAHA)

So there you have it. As you can see, I have tons of blogging (do I sound legit now? Hihi) to do and I can't wait! Lots of pictures to post and lots of food to talk about! Hope you guys come back for more! :):):)

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  1. aaaaaah!I love kalookies!!!!Ordered that last month.You should try the Ferrero Rocher and Kitkat Kalookies,it's soooo yummy!:)))) Thanks for this entry Karla,it's making me not in the mood today because of work.So thank you!:)))

    1. Welcome Brenna! Oo nga eh, Khalil is my cousin and I haven't even tried all the flavors! kakahiya! Haha :P Have a wonderful day sweetie, it can still turn itself around! :)

  2. Saw you sa Walkway! :) And I definitely want to try those nakakalookies na cookies! Hahaha!

    1. Hi Jacky sana you said hi! :) Yes please do try Kal's cookies! Nakakalookie! ;D

  3. Hi Karla! :-)

    One of Mrs. Tatlonghari's daughters is my mom's bestfriend and I've been to Bawai's so many times already and I agree, they have the best coffee! I'm surprised to see you blogging about it (since the resto is kinda private) and happy that you "advertised" it to your readers.

    On another note, I'd love to try that ramen place :-) What dishes would you recommend? :D

    And just have to say, you're really gorgeous hehehe :-)

    1. Hi there! Yes I just had to share.. I'm still drafting a full on entry on my experience. The place was really something else :) I made an entry on the Ramen place so please read it when you can! Try the Spicy Soy Bean paste one.. SO YUMMY! :) Awww... thank you so much sweetie! :) xx


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