Our Silly Stay at Stacy's

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So as most of you wonderful people who follow me on Twitter know, last Friday was the birthday of my one and only Bubba. He turned 23 (ew what an oldie haha) and I wanted to make his day extra special. I had actually taken a leave from work which just goes to show how amazing and awesome of a girlfriend I really am since I love him and I wanted to really surprise him on his special day.

Good morning, Handsome :) HUBBA HUBBA!
So I got to his place early (6:50 am) and fixed everything up. I then woke him up (even his awesome parents and brother were in on it and wanted to help me, I love them so much ok Haha) so after I surprised him I drove him off to have breakfast (ANG SPOILED! Girlfriend na, driver pa!) in a place that we both have never tried- Stacy's. I had always seen pictures of this place on the Instagram accounts that I stalk of my friends and I really wanted to try it since it looked like those adorable diners in the States that serve amazing breakfasts. And boy, was my assumption SPOT ON. So here's a little review on our Silly Stay at Stacy's Hihi :)

Stacy's has got to the THE CUTEST diner I have ever seen in the Philippines. It's filled with quirky furniture and the color scheme is a baby pink, yellow and baby blue combination- ANG KYOOT LANG TALAGA! I was being the loser that I am, taking tons of pictures of the place that caused the birthday boy to make tampo because I wasn't taking any pictures of him minding him. So anyway...

My cute date in the cute diner. Uyyy cute si Nico :))
Our waitress (I forgot to ask for her name, BOO KARLA BOO) was so attentive and sweet, which made me so happy about the service! I really think it's important when the waiters and waitresses are nice and know what they're talking about. It makes the place seem more "legit" and impressive (Uyyy choosy?).

We're EXTRA weird in the mornings
While we waited for our orders, the waitress gave us a cute little cup filled with popcorn, marshmallows and pink pretzels. It was so cute I couldn't help but SQUEAL when I saw it! I felt like a little girl in her own little wonderland! Imagine! Popcorn and Pink Pretzels for breakfast??? KYOOT!

Look how cute... it comes with a little butter cookie! Yay! :)
Here's my Cup of Joe- check out the message on my Splenda! TRUTH!!!
To perk up our morning, we each had the recommended coffee- An Americano. I just LOOOVEEEEEE brewed coffee. There's just something about it that makes you feel so warm and cozy in the mornings. Plus, I love the strong smell that comes out of the hot piping "Cup of Joe" (Yes naman! Parang American Cop lang eh noh! #feeling).

Then came the best part- our main dishes.

Mouth. Is. Watering. Again.
I ordered the Big Breakfast Bangers (say that fast five times!) Which consisted of a sausage patty, french toast, scrambled eggs and a bowl of fresh fruits with cream on top. Can.You.Say. YUMMY?!?!? It was so good! I poured syrup all over everything! It tasted so good and the sausage patty was a more "solid" (Nico's words, not mine) version of the Mcdo breakfast Sausage McMuffin. KAKALOKA! I loved it!

My picture taking skillz (yes, with a Z) are failing me :(
Happy with his order! :)

Bubba ordered the Stacy Jones- this was more of a rice meal type of breakfast. It had US Beef Sirloin Tapa with garlic rice, eggs and tomatoes! It looked so good I just HAD to sneak in a bite... or two (oo na, matakaw ako! Oink Oink) The cutest part, for me, was the special touch Stacy's added to his breakfast- the rice was heart shaped! Ang landi! Love love love!

Uyy bed head look? Har har!
Shuweetums Shuweetums Jejejejeje
Overall, I'd say that our stay at Stacy's was fun and memorable. Even if we only ordered a little, we felt happy that the food we got was DELICIOUS and we came out satisfied with our happy bellies and hearts (uyyy). We will definitely be coming back to try the other dishes. Plus, by the counter there are tons of cupcakes and cakes so... THOSE HAVE TO BE TASTED! And they also serve milkshakes.... Ahhhhhhh! So many things to try for my fat belly HUHUHU :(

BUTTERBALLS!!! Does anyone remember this candy?? They give it to you after you pay :)
I think it's really important to spend quality time with your special someone. It gives you both a chance to talk, catch up and LEARN more things about each other. What I enjoy about breakfast dates is that it starts your day RIGHT. You start your day on a high note, a good note. I love spending time with my Bubba any time of the day- breakfast, lunch and dinner if I can (uyy clingy?) What's best about these silly and simple dates is that you learn not to need any fancy things. Just good food and GREAT company. We were laughing the whole time during breakfast, talking about memories and silly adventures, TV shows and our relationship. We've really learned to grow as a couple and find new and interesting things to talk about with each other. I could spend a whole day talking to Nics if I could (I don't know lang if kaya niya yan, ako yung madaldal eh! HAHA). So I really urge you to try having breakfasts dates with your boyfriend/girlfriend/MU/HOHOL/COCOL/classmate/roomie/crush etc etc. It's a great way to start your day! :)

Now here are some pictures of the Bubster goofing around by the play area of the restaurant. Watch how his inner MOWDEL (uyyyy mowdel mowdelan na toh!!!) comes out with the help of my bossing around direction. ;)

Ang cute nakakainis!!!!
He was actually getting annoyed with me na here :(
Laki ng chair, ah! Hahaha
You should definitely visit Stacy's when you can! :)

Stacy'sCapitol Hills

Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center, 1 Capitol Hills DriveMatandang Balara, Quezon City(0927) 326-2244

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  1. Hi Ms. :) Sorry kung lagi akong nagcocomment ha? Sobrang fan nyo talaga ako ni Nico e. :)

    Ang cuuuuuuuuute nung place. Sobra! Parang ang sarap kumain. Haha Pati nung mga pictures nyo ang cute. Lalo na yung picture ni Nico sa play area, natawa ako. :))

    Marami talaga na pwedeng maging dahilan ng kasiyahan ng tao kahit sa mga simpleng bagay lang no? :) keep smiling. :*

    1. Aww thank you Pau! Not a problem I love all your comments! Keep them coming :) Thank you and YES, I really believe the simple things in life ROCK! :)

  2. Must visit that place! Sooo cuuuuuute like you and Kuya Nico! Stay strong for both of you Ate Karla! =)

    1. Definitely a great place to try out! :) Thank you

  3. Aww.. You are the sweetest. I really love how you cherish your moments with Nico. :)) Everytime I read something about your dates, I can't help but to smile and squeal because of kilig. Keep the fire burning, guys. :))

    1. Aww hihi thank you. I'm very blessed and I like spoiling my Bubba :)

  4. love...love...love :)

  5. Ang sweet niyo po talaga. Ang cute cute niyo pa. Super ganda mo pa Ms. Karla. :) and Nico xD. Ang cute niyo po talaga. (paulit ulit xD) and the place. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Ricka! Cute ka din Hihi :)

  6. I dunno how many times should I read this blog to finally say what i wanna say, how super kilig this blog and gaano super nakaka inlove basahin ang blog na to. I think no words can explain gaano kakilig to and nakaka inspire. More power to both of you. Love is truly in the air everyday sa inyong dalawa. Thanks for sharing it, atleast nababasbasan kami sa sweetness niyo.

    1. I'm glad you can read my entries over and over again and still enjoy them :) I'm glad I can share our cheesy moments and make people happy hehe :p Thank you so much!!!

  7. your blogs inspire me a lot ms. karla especially this one,this shows how you love nico so much... sobrang nakaka inlove ng love story nyo. hoping that my love story with my baby right now will be as bright and as sweet as yours...hehehe.. always keep the fire burning ... actually miss karla i am an avid fan of nico in basketball... wishing him the best in his craft and in everything he does... same with you miss karla... please continue to be an inspiration to everyone...

    1. Thank you so much Beejay! It really means a lot. I hope you come back for the other entries and cheesiness! Hihi :)

  8. I really adore you and Kuya Nico, perfect couple. Looking forward to your next adventures Ate Karla! =)

    P.S You are the most gorgeous, attractive, and classy girl I know. More power & God bless!

    1. Thank you, Keith. Your picture here is so cute, it made me smile a little.. :]

    2. Oh my G. Thank you for replying Ate Karls. =)))))im so happy to the bones. God bless you more,with Kuya Nico and your family.

  9. Stalking u right now ate karls :( :)) U guys are the cutest!! :)


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