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"Winning isn't always championships." - Michael Jordan

I've honestly been staring at my computer screen for a couple of minutes now, figuring out how I was going to go about writing this entry when it hit me- there really isn't any specific or perfect way to write something about someone you love. Why? Cause the words are never enough. Words are never enough to describe, explain and retell how you feel about someone you hold so close to your heart. So bear with me, for there aren't enough words for me to even begin to explain the kind of love I feel.

I have never in my life, met someone I was so wrong about. You are living proof that stereotypes, judgmental eyes, jealous people and chismis are the FURTHEST things from the truth. I was so wrong about you. And I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life.

So now, allow me to gush a little bit about you. To all my readers, prepare yourselves for some serious cheese as I talk about one of the Champions in my life- my Bubba.

5 Things That Make a Champion
Hubba hubba!


In all things you want to achieve in life, you have to be dedicated. Dedicated to face whatever challenges come your way, dedicated to work hard to achieve your goals and dedicated to becoming the best that you can possibly be. All these things are needed in order to become a Champion.

Credits to Gatorade Philippines Facebook Page
You have got to be the most hardworking athlete I have ever known. Not a lot of people know this, but you are always an hour early for practice to get extra shots in and you always stay an hour after practice, in order to work on more moves and plays. First one in, last one out. Not a lot of people know this, but I do, and so do your team mates. It only goes to show that you have earned every single Championship you have won. Every single ring on your finger is proof and recognition of all the extra hours you put in in order to hone your skills and talents. Every single award, medal, prize and praise, You.Have.Earned. All because you are dedicated. Dedicated to becoming the best.

You're also dedicated to those you love. You're a loving son, a wonderful older brother, and an amazing boyfriend. You are always dedicated to devoting extra time for us, for our relationship. With whatever LITTLE free time you have, you dedicate it for us. For our silly little adventures, food trips, movie nights, DVD marathons, take out and cuddle sessions... it's all dedicated to us and strengthening our relationship not just as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as the best of friends.

The dedication you've shown to me these past 2 years have been nothing short of amazing. I honestly sometimes wonder how it is you do it- cause even when you have a bad day, you NEVER show it when you're with me. NEVER. It just goes to show how much I can learn from you- a champion at dedication.


I think all athletes have to be disciplined. All champions in life know that in order to have complete dedication to something, you have to pair it with discipline. You are, without a doubt, as disciplined as you are dedicated.
Credits to the Fabillioh Facebook Page
I don't know anyone who would give up a really good event or party because they have practice or a game the next day. Someone who chooses NOT to drink because of a game or commitment the following day. Someone who avoids temptation in the form of a vice all because of the discipline they have. But you do.

Not a lot of people believe this, but you are one smart athlete. Despite what haters, bitter idiots and judgmental pricks think- you are, without a doubt, smart. And that's also because of the discipline that you have for your studies. You managed to stay 5 whole years in college in order to complete the agreed playing years that Ateneo asked of you, without having to jeopardize your studies. A deans lister, a student that goes to class regularly and submits projects on time, you have mastered the art of time management. I applaud you for that.


Faith. Such a simple word that requires so much trust. Trust in the future, in the unknown. The faith that you have always amazes me. You always believe that things will turn out for the best. Let's look at it sports wise-

You never give up during a game. No matter what the score is or how good the other team is playing, you always have Faith that in the end, you guys will come up on top. Which is amazing because honestly when I watch games and we're down by like 2 with a minute to go I already think it's over (but then again I'm obviously not a basketball expert HAHA) but you don't sweat the small stuff. You have faith that things will turn out OKAY in the end. That makes you a Champion already.

Next, you're FAITHFUL. No matter what OTHERS (yeah, you haters out there and losers with nothing NICE to say) say and spread, you are FAITHFUL. Faithful to God and faithful to ME. I truly believe one of the reasons why God brought us together was because He knew that through you, my relationship with HIM would strengthen. Granted we are not the most prayerful, sinless saints out there, but we do our part. You do your part. And for me, I have never been so content, so happy and secure, until I met you. I know that this is the feeling God wanted me to feel. This is the feeling I had only read about in love stories and cried about in cheesy films. I now have a stronger Faith in God. In others. And in myself.


Athletes and champions have to love the game they play in. They have to love every aspect of it- the training, the losses, the sacrifices, all for the love of the game. You love basketball so much I even joke you that it's your wife and I'm "the other woman" (ako na si Anne Curtis HAHA ASA) but that's fine. Why? Because it's what you were destined to be great at in life. You were destined to become a fantastic basketball player because of your undying love for the game.

You are my alter WEIRDO Hihi
No matter how short or long your playing time is, no matter how many points you score or whether you win or lose, I know that the love you have for the game will never stop and only continue to grow. This is why you are a champion. Others play for the perks or the money but you play for the art of the sport. I realize that now. The love you have is what keeps you dedicated, disciplined and GREAT. You are only getting better and I couldn't be happier for you. I want you to be the best that you can possibly be.

You are the cutest 4 year old boy trapped in a 23 year old man's body!
Also, the love you have for your family, friends, and even little me. My gosh, here we go- no words. No words can describe your love. Your love cannot really truly be explained. But allow me to try- your love is like waking up after a good night's sleep, like satisfying that food craving you've had for forever, like acing a test you though you were going to fail, like finding money in your pocket without ever knowing it was there- it's a feeling, it's a smile.


Last, but certainly not the least, you are so, incredibly, KIND. Your heart is one of the kindest hearts I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. You GENUINELY care. You're never fake, which most sadly misconceive to be arrogance. But it is only because you are too kind to pretend to be someone you are not. You are true to yourself and what you believe in and that is what makes me fall in love with you more, every single day.

I love you Bubba Buttkins!
A champion is tough and disciplined and dedicated, but if they are not kind, then they fail in a sense. Kindness is something that should come NATURALLY to all of us- and yet many choose NOT to be kind. But not you, no. You are again, one of the kindest people I know.

From the little things like buying extra food at a restaurant to give to a street child, to donating your clothes (which, mind you, are not cheap) to charities and even spending the Holidays with kids and orphans (which you and your family invite me to and I am so thankful to be a part of) - you are nothing but KIND.

You're patient enough to let me squeeze the life out of your face and make you ubos like a crazy woman!
You are also, patient. Because of your kind heart, you allow yourself to be patient especially with tough cookies like me. You listen and let me rant and be unfair and unkind. You make me feel loved even when I don't feel lovable. Your kindness moves me to become better as a person. A Champion with a heart like yours is what makes you who you are. Someone who, when people get the chance to know, can't help but love. I am proud to say that I have and continue to feel the love of your kind heart.
In my eyes, you are always a WINNER. Regardless of how many championships you have or how many awards you receive, you will ALWAYS, in my eyes, be a CHAMPION. As Michael Jordan said, it isn't always championships. I think winners and champions are about being the best person you can possibly be. Being the person that God has destined you to be. I know that you will only continue to grow and become the best version of yourself. And I am thankful to have the privilege of witnessing it all first hand.

I know I've used this picture a million times but it's only because I LOVE IT way too much. It  portrays our relationship very well. :)
So thank you for loving me. Thank you for showing me that I can be loved for who I am and who I am not. Thank you for loving me despite what others think and say. Thank you for going on adventures with me and never tiring from my random rants and ramblings. Thank you for making me feel it's alright to be me. Just me. I no longer have to hide or pretend to be anyone other than myself. Thank you for making me closer to God. And thank you, for being the Champion in my life.

I love you Bubba. Happy 23rd birthday.

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  1. Sweet shocks!!!!you guys really rock!!!!!!super bagay to death....

    1. Thank you! Wag naman sana to death HAHA :P

  2. SPLENDID <3 that's all i can say.

  3. OMG, Ate Karla! There are no words that can explain how I felt about this entry. I.AM.SPEECHLESS. :O You're just too sweet!! I really, really, really admire you. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU (feeling close? hahaha!). You're a godsend. :) I wish I could meet you someday and become really good friends (libre lang mangarap. haha!). :D And I admit that I have this belief na "kapag basketball player boyfriend mo, eh playboy or babaero siya." But you turned that stupidity upside-down. Really. So thanks to you and especially Kuya Nico for enlightening me. hahaha! Now, I have to eat that stupid belief. HAHAHA! Anyway, keep inspiring people, stay pretty and I just wanna greet your Bubba a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hehehe. ;) Wish I could have a love/relationship like yours. Still waiting for the lucky guy. HAHAHAHA! More power to you guys and keep the looove burnin'. :) hugs and kisses to you both! :)

    1. My heart is so full of love and kiligness (word ba yan? Sabihin natin yes nalang HAHA) I also had the same mindset! I thought they were all LITERALLY players on and off the court but I was proven wrong! And you know, I got to know so many other basketball players and I found out they are the most loyal and sweet guys ever! Swear! It's so refreshing to know that LABELS are NEVER true talaga :)

  4. You really are so sweet ate Karla!! I can feel how deeply you love kuya Nico just by describing him. Full of emotion, of love! Hahaha:D

    Seriously, whenever I read an entry about you and him I always feel this kilig vibes I'm feeling right now. And your pictures together...as always, they're cute. You really look perfect together. Nico & Karla FOREVER! ♥ [Naiinggit na naman ako] Hihi =)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUYA NICO!! My first ever crush basketball player on UAAP (Hi ate Karla, friends parin tayo diba? Feeling close eh! Hehehe)
    Enjoy your special day kuya Nico. More blessings to come!

    1. I'm glad you're not sick of all our cheese yet! Haha thank you Rose Ann, I just really am so happy and so blessed to have good people around me that I can't help but gush about all of them! Thanks for reading :)

  5. Wow Karla. bilib na ako sayo. hihi. saktong 12 midnight napost yung entry. hihi. :"> Nico is so lucky to have you. happy birthday to Nico. :)

    1. I put it on Schedule kasi eh- I didn't know there was such a feature on Blogger but I'm so happy I discovered it! Hihi :P

  6. Sweetest thing ever! You guys are perfect for each other. Happy happy birthday to Nico! Godbless you too :)

  7. SUPER SWEET naman Ms. :) Nilalanggam na ako dito habang binabasa 'to. Hihi :)) I can say that you are lucky to have Nico, almost perfect na sya e (lalo na kung paano mo sya i-describe dito :>) pero Nico is much luckier to have you in his life. Sobra talaga! Kasi you're sweet, understanding and loving. Funny pa. You share also your blessings to other people that's why God is over pouring His blessing to you. Super proud and vocal ka pa sa Love mo kay Nico kaya a lot of people admire You, Nico and your relationship. :) Kasi pinapakita mo rin na si God yung center ng relationship nyo tsaka ng life mo. Tsaka napakaganda ng perspective mo sa buhay kaya maganda din yung binabalik sayo. :) Just stay sweet, humble and funny. :) I just love you for who you are, even your imperfections. (Nico Salva lang ang peg? Haha!) xoxo :* Please tell Nico a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) (I already tweeted him) :'>

    1. AYYYY THANK YOU PAULYN! I swear I really get so kilig when people let me know that Nics is lucky to have me too. HAHA! Sorry it sounds so vain or whatever but it's true. People forget that I'm a nice person too and just cause I'm not a famous athlete doesn't mean I don't love a person with all that I am. Thank you for seeing that, it means a lot :) I really believe that the key to a healthy and long lasting relationship is to be able to put God in the center of it. You don't have to be the most prayerful or sinless couple, but to know and accept and LOVE that God should be in the center is the BEST way to go about any relationship :)

  8. Hi Ate Karla! :D It's my first time to comment on your blog though I've read you're other blogs already. Hihi. You're truly beautiful inside and out. I may not know you personally (how I wish to know you personally hihi) but your words through your blogs says it all. I really feel the sincerity and contentment you have.

    I must say that you are blessed to have each other. I'm really amazed at how you both manage to have a good and healthy relationship. More power to the both of you and Happy Birthday, Kuya Nico! All the best! God bless! :D

    1. First and I hope it won't be your last comment then! Hihi :) Thank you so much, it really means a lot! :)

    2. You're welcome, Ate Karla :D Of course, looking forward for more :) All the best to you! God bless :)

  9. Hi ate karla, I'am so inspired with your post! super nakakilig, super sweet niyo po, and inspiration talga kita on how you carry your relationship with kuya nico knowing he's a famous athlete, pero ate mas maswerte sya sayo kasi mas napatunayan ko ung quote na in every man's success is a woman behind, at IKAW NA talaga yun ate^_^ keep on inspiring many of us & thanks for sharing! HappyBirthday to kuya Nico! c;

    1. I LIKE THAT QUOTE!!! Papatattoo ko yan sa back ni Nics wahahaha :)) Thank you so much, sweetie!

  10. Ate Karls, wala na. SI Nico na ang perfect athlete. Wala ng natira sa amin. :)

    Kidding aside, this is one of your best posts. :)

  11. This is my 3rd time to check your blog Karla :) Whenever I have free time isisingit q tlga tgnan blog mo. Hehe. This is one of my favorite topic you have posted. You inspire me to love my boyfriend even more. To be proud of the relationship we have or not have. I learn a lot of things from you. Keep it up. I love you both. :))

    1. Thank you, Kim! Yes! We should just loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee all the time Hehehe :) Hope you come back for more entries! :)

  12. You guise are the sweetest couple there is. I genuinely hope that you guise will end up together. I really love your blog, Karla. Please keep on writing. Love lots and take care. God bless you :)


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