The SJ Series x The OC Chic Blog Giveaway (CLOSED)

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First of all, let me just say, it hasn't even been a whole month and already I have my VERY FIRST blog giveaway! Hurray!!! God is so good. He has not only Blessed me with a million simple joys in my life, but He has also given me wonderful and loyal readers who I can now, SPOIL!!! Yehes! Ako na!

I remember just a few days ago I tweeted how much I loved how stores send me things to try out and blog about. Let me be frank, first of all, I super love this, kasi, it's FREE! Aminin natin, basta free, masaya ka na! And then what more if the product is actually amazing diba?? Di DOUBLE WIN!!! Okay, okay, back to my point Hihi

For an early Christmas gift last year, an online store called Sweet and Sparkle contacted me asking if they could send me a few of their kikay items. Being the queen of all things kikay and a sucker for makeup and free things cute I of course, said yes. I was BEYOND happy when I opened the package they sent me. It had so many things that I not only loved, but would really buy!!! AHHH!!! My giddy fat heart couldn't take it! 
Talk about some amazing makeup loot! Thanks Sweet & Sparkle!
I loved all the goodies equally but one of my favorite items was the Kardashian Kolor polish from OPI (one of my fave polish brands). Believe it or not (believe it! I don't lie! Nyahaha joke) I'm using the polish right now! I had my nails done last Saturday and I brought this polish with me- it's the perfect neon red that looks exactly like the ones the Kardashians use on their show! I bet it's the same polish!
We all have the same nails! Ako na ang missing Kardashian! Yes!
I may be the adopted Kardashian though HAHA
Okay readers, now back to the giveaway since I'm sure you're all so tired of my yapping you all love me and can't wait to know what you can win! So Sweet and Sparkle contacted me again about their sister company, The OC Chic (ahh, kaya pala yung title ng giveaway hindi Sweet & Sparkle pero OC Chic! Gets na!) for a little collaboration to help promote the new (and fabulous) store. So here we go!

As most of my old readers know by now, I am super duper, mega, crazy OC. Everything in my life (except my hair, since it just REFUSES to cooperate Huhu) HAS to be, organized. I know where everything is, and everything has its own, proper, awesome space. Given this fact about me, I think this is the perfect FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY (Hurray! Sorry I still can't get over it! I'm so happy!!!) for my readers. I want you all to have sleepless nights worrying about what you can clean and fix next the same satisfied feeling knowing that all your girly needs are in their proper place. So again, if you join my blog giveaway, here's what you can stand a chance at winning- drum roll please....


An acrylic makeup organizer for your MAKEUP!!! Yahooo!!!
And here's the best part, I'm giving away 2 organizers which means 2 winners!!! WOWWEEE!!!
I myself am a self-confessed lipstick addict so for me, this is like winning the lottery!

You can either win a a Round cosmetic organizer or a 24 piece lipstick organizer! This contest is open to all moms, daughters, sisters, girls, becks and anyone and everyone who loves being fashionable and organized!

Here's the ACTUAL picture of the acrylic lippie organizer that The OC Chic sent me:

Don't all my lippies look so cozy?? It's too cute!
I am obsessed with the organizer they gave me and I can't wait till they send me the round organizer too! I'm either going to JOIN my own contest or buy two more lippie organizers to fit all my lipsticks HAHA! Come now, time to join the fun!!!

Here's how to join:
  1. Like The OC Chic page on Facebook
  2. Follow me @KarlaAguas and @theocchic on Twitter
  3. Tweet and answer this line: "@KarlaAguas @theocchic I am an OC Chic girl because _____."
  4. Tweet us as many times as you want and tell your friends too!
Remember, only those who've LIKED The OC Chic on Facebook, followed me (@KarlaAguas) and The OC Chic (@theocchic) on Twitter and tweeted us an answer are eligible to join! 

Contest ends February 28, 2012 at 10:00PM. The winners will be announced on March 1, 2013 at 7:00 PM. Open to all those in the Philippines!

WINNERS: @rejcanaynay and @liyasmusicbox :)

So what are you waiting for? It's time to get OC Chic! :)

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  1. I am an OC Chic girl because...(Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.) Hehe :)
    I dunno yet want to answer :)

    Just drop by to say hi to you, ate Karla. Hope you had a great day today unlike yesterday(I've read your tweet). =))

    1. Thank you sweetie! Do join the contest though! I'm getting such fun tweets from people! :)

  2. Hi Ms :) Sorry for this comment pero kasi di ko lang talaga matiis na hindi sabihin sayo, di ko din kasi alam kung paano ko sasabihin sayo. Hihi. I have this super comfy ballet shoes from SM Dept. Store, kahit saang SM available ata sya, 2 pairs for Php 400. Pag 1 pair lang binili mo Php 300 yung price nya. Ang laking tipid nung promo diba? Sana try mo at sana magustuhan mo. Naalala nga kita nung bumili ako e. Super lambot sa paa. :)

    1. Wow! That's so great I'm so happy for you!!! :)

  3. hi paulyn daquiz :) til what day ang sale sa sm?? sale dn ba sa mega? thanks :)

    1. Hi. :) Sorry, di ko alam kung hanggang kelan yung sale sa SM e, pero ang alam ko matagal na yun. Yung sa mega, no idea e. Sorry :|


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