Balentayns Day

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No no, I’m not going to write anything cheesy today (yeshes! Milagro naman!) but I am going to write about a day that seems to be getting closer and closer… Drum roll pleaseeee

TUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (okay, fail drum roll, I know)

VALENTINES DAY!!! Hurray!!! Yuck

Or as I like to call it, BALENTAYNS Day.

I have never really been a fan of this “holiday.” I used to think it was just a holiday that chocolate companies, stuffed animal makers and Hallmark made in order to make some extra money after Christmas. Plus, there’s the horrendous traffic (especially this year, it’s on Thursday!) and the crowded restaurants filled with cheesy couples being all cheesy as they enjoy their cheese platters and wine (sosyal!) But this year, I must confess… I will most probably be part of those cheesy couples making googly eyes HAHAHA yuck!

Anyway back to my topic. Why am I writing this? Well, I wanna talk about how this “holiday” (told you, di talaga ako naniniwala na TRUE holiday siya so “” forever! Haha) is usually spent in the worlds of the two “parties” – The Couples and The Singles. First let me say I have spent some Valentine’s Days without a “significant other” (kailangan rin ba ng “”??) so I know what it’s like being single on this “special day.” So I’m writing this entry, for all yall (Black na ba ako? Cool na??) singles out there! Here’s another way of looking at this “holiday of love and togetherness” and how YOU can celebrate, well, YOU.

The first thing I learned a long time ago is this- There is a VERY BIG difference between being ALONE and being LONELY. I cannot even begin to stress how TRUE this is. People often have this misconception that if they have no one to be sweetums sweetums to, they’re “Forever Alone.” (Hello, di ka 9Gag Meme!) So instead of dreading this “Holiday,” CELEBRATE it! Here are some ways I’ve celebrated Valentine’s and how some of my friends have celebrated it too.

Have a nice romantic dinner with… your friends!

Let’s face it, boyfriends and girlfriends come and go but TRUE friends are forever. Instead of being at home, being all sad na wala kang date, go out and have fun with your friends! For me, there’s nothing more fun than having a nice dinner with good conversation with fantastic company. So what if barkada kayo in a restaurant filled with couples? That makes it even more fun! You can catch up and talk about other people’s  your lives. And another great part about this? You pay for yourself lang! Imagine how much you save since you only have to pay for yourself/ you split the bill! It’s sulit sa heart and sulit sa wallet! (Ano daw?! There’s like that??)

Stay in bed with a good movie while hugging your… pillow!

I love my room. I love how it’s my own little piece of heaven where nothing and no one can hurt me (except myself.. uyyy emo?) How great is it to be able to curl up in bed, in your comfiest butas na tshirt and underwear pajamas with no makeup, enjoying the night by watching tons of movies? I personally like watching slasher movies and horror movies but if feel mo mag romantic comedy well, may pillow ka naman to hug! Sometimes it’s good to be alone, to be able to just relax and not have to think about anything for a bit. Just you, your bed and some crazy serial killer rampaging a small town! (Okay, too many horror movies na talaga)

Make a nice dinner at home  followed by a fun game night with… your family!

Like I said kanina, boyfriends and girlfriends come and go and sometimes hindi available friends mo… but never forget your family! Actually, for me, this is at the top of my list of things to do on Valentine’s day as a single. I love my family. We aren’t perfect, but we’re each other’s number 1 fan, supporter, defender and buddy. Never forget that your family loves you cause they do. Even if you’re a jerk or never around much, at the end of the day it all comes down to family. So why not celebrate “The Day of LOVE” with the people who will always love you? Who have always loved you since you were born! Just think about it this way, they’re the ones who’ve seen you without makeup, the first thing in the morning and they still love you! HAHA Use this day to bond, to show that you love them NOT because you’re single or don’t have plans but JUST BECAUSE. The gift of family is something we more often than not take for granted. And we really shouldn’t. #uylifelesson #yeskailangannghashtag

Get all dolled up and… spoil/treat yourself to the spa!

Lastly, learn to love yourself. For me it’s like this- You have to be able to love yourself and appreciate who you are, flaws and all, before anyone else can love you. So if you’re single on this day, or Malabo ang “MU” mo, then take YOURSELF OUT. Get dressed, have a nice dinner, go shopping or better yet, go to the Spa! For the guys, go to the gym! Grab a beer and watch the game! Or whatever it is you guys do… Clueless ako diyan eh. HAHA! I love hitting up the spa and getting a nice relaxing massage or get my nails done and just read a good book. Remember, learn to love yourself.
TIPID TIP: If you don't want to spend a lot on a Spa then create your own at home! With the perfect inexpensive bath body scrub, lotion and new nail polish, you're all set! Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to be fun and relaxing. :)

Plus, I can promise you (based on my own experience), after a night of pampering, you will come out of the salon/gym/spa feeling like this:

And you never know, maybe after you come out from the salon you’ll meet someone na! Oh, ready ka na for a date diba?!? And boys, hang near salons or spas (in a non creepy way, wag ka nalang obvious) and you may just meet the love of your life! You’re welcome. HAHA I'm so smart!

So there you have it. Just a few ideas on how you can spend your Valentine’s day.
Whether you’re single or taken, a believer of love or an emo child, love is there. And hey, a Holiday is a holiday right?

Valentine's Day: Definitely a Simple Joy for both the single, and the taken :)

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  1. Even if its not that deep, I find it so refreshing. :) Now I do have plans for Thursday. :)) And oh, sana may 'sequel' yung entry mo about our bestFriend. Its your best entry by far and its undeniably inspiring.
    PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR AND KEEP WRITING! I love your posts. I'll definitely come back to read more. :))

    You are one heck of an icon, I look up to you po. :)

    1. I wanted to write a nice, light entry for the holiday approaching. I'm glad you found it refreshing Hehe :P Yes, maybe, if there isn't too much cheese, I will blog about our date (if meron. ATTENTION NICO SALVA DAPAT MAY DATE TAYO HA Hahahaha!)

      I'm glad you liked that entry- it's very close to my heart and I really love it. Every time I read it I still can't believe I wrote it. Not because the writing is amazing and perfect, but because the message itself still speaks to me. HE definitely helped me write it!!! :)

  2. Thank You Ms. Karla for this ideas. :) I have plans for thursday. Gagawin ko yung iba dito, papalitan ko ng color yung nail polish ko and movie marathon on my room, pwede na ba yung movie na Serendipity? Napanood ko na yun pero sobrang tagal na. Uulitin ko na lang. Tsaka balak kong bumili ng white na toblerone para sa sarili ko,(since wala namang magbibigay sakin) haha. Pwede na ba yun? Thank you. :) Sana magpost ka ng about sa valentine's day nyo ni Nico, kung meron. Salamat :)) :*

    1. That sounds like sooo much fun!!! I love doing that!!! Serendipity is the cutest movie ever I remember I had this phase where I was so obsessed with it, I watched it like a million times! (Di naman, mga 500,000 lang HAHA) Yes! I say yes to the chocolates! You don't need a man to buy you chcolates or anythign when you can buy it yourself. It's all about being independent and happy with who you are. Girl power! :)

    2. Hahaha! nakakatuwa ka naman Ms. :) Lalo kapag parang binabara mo yung sarili mo. So funny. Lalo siguro kung sa personal ko makikita. :) Thank you po talaga dito. Shinare ko sa friends ko itong blog mo na ito. Sana magustuhan ka din nila tulad ng pagkagusto ko sayo. :) Girl Power. :*

  3. True! I'm 18 years single(NBSB for short. Hihi) but I've already experienced a great valentine's day...with my BESTFRIENDS(Yes! Plural. Coz I have 3 bestfriends). Lucky me to have them!! They are my date again this coming valentine's day. Another great valentine's day with them. =))

    Hello ate Karla! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Looking forward to read another entry about your valentine's date with kuya Nico. =))

    1. You ARE lucky! One best friend is a blessing already but 3?!?! I hope you guys stay bestfriends forever! That's amazing and I'm so happy for you. There's nothing like good friends to keep you company :)

  4. Hi ate Karla! every time i read your blog, I always find myself smiling kasi you're funny and witty at the same time :) Enjoy the "Holiday" with kuya Nico <3

    1. There's like that?!!? AY SHUCKS. Kilig naman ako Hihihi thank you! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day dearie! :)

  5. Thumbs up to this again :) truesay karls "Balentayns" days isn't only just for happy couples. Thankyou for letting us realized this again. Now I'm planning to have a "ME Time" gonna enjoy a good "friendship movie" (what good friendship movie can you suggest?)And Vodka Mudshake overload inside my room. Can't wait for your entry after "Balentayns" day celebration w Nics (no pressure) haha But I'm supah dupah excited if ever meron. Loveyew to the moon and back karls and also nico. -krish here (hope you still remember me)

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's celebration Krish! :) Of course I remember you Hehe

  6. Ate Karls. Im not a avid fan of yours, but everything you ang Nico do is just perfectly cute. Lahat ng blogs mo in this site i think nabasa ko na. Pero chisi man or korni, its the type of blog na hindi kailangan mang-echos. Hahahaha! Love you po! Gusto ko lang parating yung msg ko dito kase may mas malaking percentage na mapapansin mo ko dito than twitter <3 Hapi Balentaymmmmms. Mmm HAHAHAHA

    1. CHIZCURLZ ang peg ko eh Haha! But thank you for reading! :)


Thanks for reading my entry! I hope you enjoyed it. :)