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Hi everyone! Thank you all for visiting my new blog! It means a lot to me that some of you really made the extra effort in visiting this new site. I promise to try and keep the posts as interesting as possible so you guys keep coming back for more! Hihi :)

I decided to make my first entry on this blog an introduction as to why this even exists. Let's start with the name:

Now say that fast five times! Haha :) I know, I know, it's totally different from my old blog KarlsKaleidoscope but it's 2013 now and, well, new year, new me, new blog. Okay ONEBIGANYWAY...

I decided to make this blog as one of my resolutions. No, it's not THAT kind of a resolution (you know, the ones we never keep a.k.a. "I'll go to the gym" or "I'll eat healthy from now on") this one is something I promised myself I would devote a little time to. Why you ask?

I'm using this blog as a reminder for myself. For my life. Sort of like a reality check, so to speak. You see, I've come to find that in life, the little things really do count just as much as the big things. They may not be grand, or expensive, fancy or popular, but they count. And they count for a lot.

This is why I made this. This blog is going to be my tribute to all the little things in life. To all the simple joys that make life that much sweeter. From a good cup of coffee, to a traffic free day (we all know this happens once in a blue moon) sometimes the little things are forgotten. So here I am now, making a conscious effort to sit back and appreciate every little thing that comes my way.

So if you're BIG on the LITTLE things in life (do you see what I did there?) then I'm hoping you'll be a frequent visitor of this blog.

I am not a fashion blogger. I am not a food blogger. I am not an event blogger or a sponsored blogger of any kind. I'm just me, a 22 year old girl who's way too attached to her laptop and has way too much to say about everything and anything.

So join me as I jot down all the little amazing things that happen in life.

From this day onwards, I am toasting to all the Simple Joys life has to offer.

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  1. If there's something I learned last year, it's also to appreciate the little thing. :-) Enjoy the little things and you will never run out of things to smile about.

    1. AMEN!!! I love what you just said it is SO TRUE! :)

  2. I just love reading all your blog. Mula tumblr hanggang dito. I made this account just for you. I will visit this everytime . I want to know you more. Stay pretty and kind. I love you. :) - Pau a.k.a po-leen on tumblr. :D

    1. Awww thank you sweetie! I am so touched to know that... I hope this blog will make you smile just as much as you make me smile with your messages! :)

  3. sana yung TOP mo din matapos na. excited ako sa update mo. Cheers to your new blog. pretty! xx

    1. Aww thank you. Don't worry, TOP will still be published on my Tumblr account :)

  4. Congrats! Hope you’ll enjoy blogging even more year-by-year !

  5. Hi VJ Karla! Finally I've reached your first entry!! Been reading your blog for almost 2 weeks.. Everyday hehehe :) I loooove you blog!!! So much to learn and entertaining to read at the same time! Keep it up! Update soon hihi

    Next: TOP!! Im gonna read that too! :) God bless!!!


  6. Ate, sulat ka naman po ng story sa Wattpad kahit skeleton or rough draft lang tas babasahin ko! Haha! Natuwa po ako sa pahapyaw ng love story niyo ni Kuya Nico e. Ahihi.


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